Open data for everyone

You've read the stories. You've analyzed the data in-depth on our data explorer. But maybe even that plunge into Prices and Earnings wasn't enough for you. Perhaps you want to dive deeper – for academic or research reasons, or just because you really have a thing for data. If so, we have just what the doctor ordered: all the raw numbers from our first edition in 1971 up to this year's – available free to everyone!

Since our original publication the selection of cities we've included has increased from 31 to 77. Our basket of goods has expanded to become more aligned to consumer habits, and the number of professions we monitor has multiplied threefold, from five to 15. Nonetheless, many of the cities, items and professions included have remained consistent over the various editions: from the gross earnings figures of primary school teachers to the prices of restaurants and hotels in cities such as London, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro that have been collected.

This survey offers a unique set of data, ready for you to explore: For example, did you know that the cost of food in Zurich has increased by over 160% since 1976? And that the gross income of a bus driver in Johannesburg was almost double that of one in Athens in 1970? UBS is opening the data to all interested, and is calling for your help!

If you discover any interesting results from our data, be it an underlying pattern, an innovative graphic, or even something that we got entirely wrong, please contact us at or message our Chief Investment Officer Mark Haefele via @UBS_CIO.


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