Find out how we are putting impact first in our Annual Review 2016

In 2016, we achieved a new fundraising record of CHF 61 million, but more importantly, this allowed us to improve the lives and futures of 1.6 million vulnerable children globally. Read more about the exciting successes of our partners and the groundbreaking work we have done to create innovative development financing products to achieve more impact.

Many of the successful programs our donors support are driven by innovation, and they are often led by inspiring entrepreneurs, many of whom received international recognition in 2016. For instance, Raj Panjabi, CEO of Last Mile Health, was named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People. You can find out more about Last Mile Health's journey from a small organization to one that is now in the process of expanding to deliver healthcare across Liberia. And you can learn which of our other partners were recognized in 2016.

Other highlights from the year included the first-year results of the world's first Development Impact Bond in education, which is pioneering a new way to encourage private sector investment to fund development programs and is 100% focused on measurable impact. And our groundbreaking Health: Going Further Portfolio, which is designed to deliver targeted, large scale, transformational change for the world's most neglected communities while allowing donors to spread their philanthropic risk and increase their chances of supporting the success stories of tomorrow.

You can also find out how we help our donors deliver impact first. We answer the questions we hear from our donors, show you how we select, monitor and report on programs to ensure your donation is achieving the greatest possible impact, and highlight how we are at the forefront in developing innovative development financing products. And you can also hear from our inspiring program partners in their own words about how together we have helped them transform their good ideas into great programs.

We hope you find this year’s Annual Review an engaging, enlightening and enjoyable read. You can access the full Annual Review here: