1 billion… people go their entire lives without access to healthcare, including 270 million children*

6 million… children die every year of preventable causes**

30 million… children in the world are not immunized against treatable or preventable diseases***

Up to 80%... of births are unattended in rural areas****

60%... of deaths in children under five are related to malnutrition*****

Going Further - United States A philanthropic health portfolio

How your entrepreneurial philanthropy will reach the world's most under-served communities

Reaching the unreached

We know that access to healthcare in many remote communities is either non-existent or dysfunctional. In some of these areas, children are 20 times more likely to die before the age of 5 than in the UK or US.

This should not be happening.

The Going Further portfolio is dedicated to solving this problem by investing in proven programs to bring sustainable and high-quality care to the children and families who need it most. Among the areas of focus in the portfolio are:

  • Community Health Workers - the backbone of the portfolio, helping to significantly reduce mortality rates
  • Mobile Solutions - using technology to increase the effectiveness and reach of Community Health Workers
  • Health Facility Technology - simple solutions helping patients to survive a range of health conditions

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By delivering and scaling these programs in communities most in need we can achieve transformational change and save the lives of countless children and their families. The graph above shows how $26,000 can have the maximum possible impact.

Selecting high impact programs

Our goal is to deliver the maximum social return for your philanthropy, applying the same rigorous approach and deep insight to the portfolio programs that characterizes every other UBS investment. Some programs are proven, others have great potential, and all bring an innovative approach to entrenched healthcare problems.

The portfolio contains two types of programs:

  • Scaling partners - programs that have demonstrated double digit social returns and have a leading position in their field of expertise. Our support will enable them to grow and provide innovative health solutions to save children's lives.
  • Innovation partners - programs led by outstanding social entrepreneurs with a clear value-add product. Our experts will look to identify the best-in-class partners of the future.

Together we can save children's lives

By contributing to the Going Further portfolio you can support carefully selected programs and reach the communities that are most in need of effective healthcare. You will be funding innovations that have the potential to influence national policy and bring about long term change. Read on to find out more about some of the focus areas of the portfolio.

Explaining the importance of good nutrition

Community Health Workers can reduce child mortality by up to 25%

Community Health Workers are at the core of the portfolio, providing healthcare where there is none or where it is dysfunctional. Recruited from local communities, the healthcare they provide plays a critical role in improving infant and maternal survival rates and overall health.

Whether the Community Health Worker is working in semi-urban areas tackling malnutrition and helping parents to care for their children better or traveling across some of the most challenging terrain in the world to reach remote communities, all the Community Health Worker programs have significant potential to save children's lives.

$26,000 could pay to train and support two Community Health Workers in a new area

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Community Health Workers in Bangladesh learn how to use new smartphones

Effective use of mobile technology has seen a 260% increase in the level of care provided before and after childbirth

The use of smartphones and tablets can transform the way that health information is collected, shared and used between Community Health Workers and health professionals enabling the right care to be provided. Technology can help to reach more people and we have seen that the right innovative programs can change health systems on a bigger scale.

In particular, mobile technology can strengthen maternal and neonatal healthcare systems and make it easier to update medical records, register births and send expectant and new mothers reminders of health appointments.

Technology has changed lives in developed countries and by expanding its use in developing, rural communities, more lives can be saved.

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A portable "Solar Suitcase" providing reliable power is well received by Community Health Workers and their patients

Health centers exist is some rural areas, however, patients may not be able to get to them. Once they do get to a health center, there is no guarantee that they will receive the care they need. This is because 70% of health centers lack access to reliable electricity.

Lack of power means patients cannot be seen when darkness falls and basic medical equipment cannot be used. As a result, patients are dying needlessly for want of something so basic as reliable power.

A number of health centers are pioneering the use of solar power to solve these problems. This enables a better level of care to be provided to patients and prevents needless deaths.

$66,000 could provide light and energy to 25 health centers


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Will you Go Further?

By making a philanthropic contribution to the Going Further portfolio you could help to save the lives of countless children and their families for generations to come.

$26,000 could pay to train and support two Community Health Workers in a new area
$66,000 could provide light and energy to 25 health centers
$264,000 could deliver healthcare to an entire region*

100% of your donation will reach the UBS Optimus Foundation programs since UBS covers all administrative costs. Every penny of your contribution will also be matched by our partner organizations** 

With your philanthropic contribution you can help to save many lives by taking healthcare to those who need it most.

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