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How your philanthropy can give children the chance to be children again

At the UBS Optimus Foundation, we believe that every child deserves to have the best possible start in life. Your kindness could help fund vital interventions to give children across the world the chance to enjoy a peaceful, safe and happy childhood.. Additionally, all donations this year will be co-funded1 by the UBS Optimus Foundation pound for pound.

Your philanthropy can help children in three vital ways:

Recovery from crisis

Poverty, disease and conflict threaten children’s safety and well-being. Your philanthropic investment could help children to recover in the wake of a crisis, giving them a chance get their lives back on track.

Freedom from exploitation

Across the world, many children are forced to take on gruelling labour, often in cramped, unsafe and unsanitary conditions. You could help liberate them from the grips of bonded labour.

Access to education

Abuse, family matters and mental illness prevent children from making the most of their education, which can have a knock-on effect throughout their lives. Your generosity could help address these issues as early as possible, giving children the capacity to reach their full potential.

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Achieve significant impact

The UBS Optimus Foundation will double the impact of your philanthropic investment. By co-funding alongside you, pound for pound, the Foundation supports your philanthropy to go even further in transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

Even more, the UBS Optimus Foundation selects programmes after screening by a panel of experts ensures your money is only invested in programmes with the potential to create scalable, lasting change for vulnerable children. On average, the Foundation only selects between 2-5% of proposals, and rigorously monitors the results of each programme. No administrative costs means 100% of your money reaches the programmes that you are helping to tackle global issues in innovative ways.

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Together we can save children's lives

The 2017 opportunity is a collection of three innovative and sustainable programmes, each focussed on a particular issue impacting children and communities, such as recovery from crisis in Liberia and Lebanon, freedom from exploitation in India, and access to education in the UK.

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Recovery from crisis

Around the world, millions of children face poverty, disease and conflict. Not only do crises like these have devastating consequences on children’s family lives and well-being, they can also force them to miss out on their education, often for many years. Missing even a few days of school can cause children to fall behind – so being unable to attend school for several years can make it very difficult, even impossible, for them to catch up.

By giving through the UBS Optimus Foundation, you could fund the Luminos Fund, an innovative programme to give marginalised children the chance to learn and get back on track to working towards a brighter future. You will support an initiative with a proven track record of helping children excel. The Luminos Fund works in countries with the highest rates of out-of-school children, bringing education and opportunity to the most marginalised students around the world. Their approach combines the rigour and discipline of the investment world with the purpose and passion of the philanthropic sector to optimise impact. Your philanthropic investment could fund their Speed School programme, which provides a second chance at an education for children who have been kept out of school.

Speed Schools has already seen huge success in Ethiopia. Now, with your help, the Luminos Fund is working to help children recover from crisis in Liberia and Lebanon.

If you’re an existing UBS client and want to make a donation, please contact your client advisor.

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Freedom from exploitation

Bonded child labour occurs when children are forced to work in conditions of servitude in order to pay off a debt, or against a promise of future payment. Often this is because children living in poverty have been offered a sum of money up front on the condition that they will pay it off through working. Their employer can then force them to work long hours, in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, for very little pay.

Our partner, The Freedom Fund is a leader in the global movement to end bonded labour. They identify and invest in the most effective frontline efforts in the countries and sectors where this practice is most prevalent. Working with governments, local organisations, those at risk of exploitation, and visionary investors like you, they tackle the systems that allow bonded labour to persist and thrive.

By making a philanthropic investment today, you could help them protect vulnerable children, liberate and reintegrate those being exploited, and bring their employers to justice.

If you’re an existing UBS client and want to make a donation, please contact your client advisor.

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Access to education

Mental health issues threaten the lives and education of thousands of children across the UK. 10% of children aged 5–16 have a clinically diagnosable mental health issue, yet 70% of them do not receive the support they need. Often these issues stem from problems at home such as abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction and alcoholism. As you can imagine, problems not only affect children’s welfare in the present, they can severely threaten a child’s future chances – preventing them from getting the education they need to live a prosperous, happy life.

Your philanthropy could support early mental health intervention to help children before it’s too late. Place2Be is the UK’s leading school-based mental health support service. By supporting Place2Be through the UBS Optimus Foundation, you could help children overcome the effects of ill mental health, and issues at home such as neglect, bereavement, bullying and family breakdown.

UBS has supported Place2Be for over 10 years, through its work at the Bridge Academy (pictured). UBS Community Affairs created the Bridge Academy to give students in Hackney the best possible opportunities so that they can build a great future for themselves. Place2Be’s expert mental health support plays a vital role in this.

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Will you help give vulnerable children the chance of a better future?

By making a philanthropic contribution, you could help break the cycle of poverty and save the lives of countless children and their families for generations to come.1

£5,000 could help Place2Be reach 900 children in the UK
£20,000 could help The Freedom Fund liberate 1052 children from bonded labour in India
£100,000 could educate 1,740 children through The Luminos Fund in Liberia and Lebanon

100% of your donation will reach the UBS Optimus Foundation programmes since UBS covers all administrative costs. Every penny of your contribution will also be co-funded2 by the UBS Optimus Foundation, and for UK tax payers, Gift Aid could add a further 25% to your donation2.

Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. UBS does not give tax advice.

1 Across the campaign up to £3 million
2 As advised by the named recipient organisations below

If you’re an existing UBS client and want to make a donation, please contact your client advisor.