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Every donation doubled – when you give by December 26, 2018, the UBS Optimus Foundation will co-fund your chosen program – equal to the total value of your donation. So if you give USD 25,000, the program will get USD 50,000.

We select programs that improve the health, education and protection of children in the US and around the world. We can guarantee that we achieve and improve as much as possible with your donation and our commitment.

UBS covers all administration costs of the Foundation, making sure more of your money gets to the people who need it. UBS also provides financial accountability, reporting and auditing, making sure 100% of your donation is going to the programs and is used effectively.

Donating is easy – contact your Financial Advisor or the UBS Optimus Foundation Team.

100% of your donation will go to our partners on the ground.

In this year's Global Giving Campaign, we are supporting three transformative organizations.

Are you inspired by the plight of child refugees and are interested in a smarter, more efficient way of giving?

Help refugee families by giving them cash to spend as they see fit – whether that means investing in nutrition and health, education, small businesses, or all of the above.

Why should you support GiveDirectly?

GiveDirectly is a non-profit organization with a proven track record in delivering unconditional cash transfers to extremely poor families in Africa.

The benefits

  • Sending cash is more cost effective than sending various forms of aid like food, water and seeds – so your money goes further.
  • It offers families flexibility and efficiency by cutting out intermediaries and allowing them to purchase exactly what they need.
  • Substantial cash transfers are a one-off and provide the potential to reduce costly long-term aid cycles – families meet their needs and invest in their own futures.

Why we need your support

GiveDirectly is seeking funding to expand its proven method of delivering aid into a new area: helping refugee families in Uganda, home to one of the largest – and poorest – refugee populations in the world.

  • Cash travels fast, has no shipping cost, and gives refugees the chance to regain control and choice over their spending and livelihoods.
  • Your support will also help to invigorate the local economy, as refugees use their cash transfers to purchase food and supplies from local shops.
  • You will also provide proof-of-concept to show that sending large cash transfers can work in a refugee context – which can then be scaled up.

The impact you can have

Your support will help expand GiveDirectly’s work to help refugee families in Uganda and establish proof of concept.

  • Show that using cash transfers is an effective way of helping refugees. 
  • Directly enable families to prioritize resources as they see fit in order to keep their families healthy, fed and educated.

A gift of USD 25,000 can result in cash transfers for approx. 135 refugees, including 86 children

A gift of USD 100,000 can result in cash transfers for approx. 111 refugees, including 355 children

Photo credit: Give Directly

Are you interested in the power of technology and business innovation, and how this can be harnessed to improve children’s education?

Support Africa’s first education incubator and encourage the continent’s own technological entrepreneurs to improve education across Africa.

The benefits:

Injini is tackling the problem of education across Africa in a new way – by focusing on small businesses with the ingenuity and energy to harness the power of technology to help children learn.

  • Supporting small businesses is a sustainable alternative to non-profit intervention.
  • Business as usual in African education isn’t working – this is an innovative approach.
  • Education forms the basis of Africa’s future development and local education innovations have huge potential if given the right support.
  • Mobile technology is widespread across the continent and has thus far been under-utilized in solving Africa’s education problems.

There is huge unrealized potential in the resourcefulness of entrepreneurs across the continent. Injini aims to ensure that ideas that can raise education standards at scale have access to early stage investment and support.

Why we need your support

Your support helps get exciting education innovations to market so they can start benefiting students across Africa, and helps start-ups get their business off the ground.

  • Injini accepts applications from small start-up companies from anywhere in Africa with an education technology innovation that has the potential to improve education at scale.
  • Every six months, a cohort of successful companies receive a substantial financial investment along with a five-month incubation period where they receive expert advice on everything from the technological development of their product to the capacity building needed to make their business grow.
  • Successful innovations then continue to help raise education standards of children across the continent.

The impact you can have

Your support can help fund an entirely new way of tackling the education crisis across Africa.

  • Investing time, expertise and money into small businesses is a sustainable way of getting education resources to children in the long term, as businesses continue to provide resources after the initial investment period.
  • Only start-ups whose innovations have a strong basis in existing evidence are selected, ensuring your money has the greatest possible impact for children across Africa.
  • This program marks an entirely new way of tackling problems in education – your support can help provide evidence for success and leverage further funding.
  • You could support start-ups like Mtabe in Tanzania, which is building an offline search engine for students, or Yo Books in South Sudan, which aims to provide access to books in remote regions.

A gift of USD 25,000 can fund a school of 2,743 students to learn for one year in one of Injini’s program

A gift of USD 100,000 would fund the participation of two companies in the Injini program

Photo credit: Injini

Are you interested in enhancing educational programs here in the US?

Help give US students from low-income families the 21st century Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education to propel them into promising careers.

The benefits:

KIPP schools offer a trajectory-changing education for students from low-income communities. With a proven model that has been refined over 25 years and emulated by educators across the country, KIPP schools prove that demographics and geography are not destiny.

  • KIPP is a network of 224 schools offering free education to nearly 100,000 early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students.
  • KIPP schools educate children from low-income households, 89% are entitled to free and reduced-price school meals.
  • Highly trained KIPP teachers tailor instruction to meet individual students’ needs.

Why we need your support

Not enough US students, especially those from low-income communities, are gaining skills in STEM subjects. This denies them the chance to pursue rewarding careers and denies our country of their talents and perspectives.

  • By 2020, there will be an estimated 1 million more information technology jobs than applicants who can fill them.
  • Only 30% of US eighth graders show proficiency in mathematics and science.

The impact you can have

Your support will help to create the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and researchers, and keep our country at the cutting edge of innovation.

A gift of USD 25,000 pays to train ten high school teachers about computer science

A gift of USD 100,000 launches a skill-based Science program across 5 middle schools.

Photo credit: KIPP