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We select programs that improve the health, education and protection of children in Switzerland and around the world. That is how we can guarantee we're achieving as much as possible with your donation and our commitment.
UBS covers all the costs for the administration, planning, review and the continued development of programs, i.e. 100% of your donation goes to our programs.

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100% of your donation reaches our programs

During this year's fundraising campaign, the UBS Optimus Foundation is supporting an international as well as a national educational program to give children a brighter future.

Support by recommendation

«ChagAll»: A professional and personal support program that paves the way to higher education for gifted young immigrants in Switzerland.

Read Mitra’s story and learn more about «ChagAll»

Mitra Karimi is from Afghanistan. When she first arrived in Switzerland in 2011, she didn't speak a word of German. For three weeks, she attended classes at secondary level B but was transferred to secondary level A because of her intelligence and motivation. As a child, her greatest wish was to be able to attend school undisturbed – which is impossible in Afghanistan. She's now happy she gets to go to school in Switzerland without worries. Mitra's favorite subjects are mathematics, geometry, and English. She eagerly invests a lot of her free time in learning German, and also enjoys learning French. Mitra passed her final exam (Swiss Matura) in June 2018 and wants to become a dentist.
«I’m convinced that the ChagALL program is helping me on my way.»

Learning for life

“Second Chance”: This first-class education program enables Syrian refugee children in Lebanon to return to school.

Read the story of Ali and his family who fled from Syria, and learn more about “Second Chance.”

Ali and his family fled from Syria when he was four. He’s been living in Lebanon for five years.

“I remember the soldiers at the checkpoint throwing our things on the ground and searching us from head to toe for weapons. Of course we didn't have any. I left Syria together with my parents and five siblings. My oldest sibling is Fatima. She's one year older than I am. She has a physical disability. I help her go to school and get back home every day.

Sometimes the bus driver tells me he can't take us, because he can't keep waiting until we’ve reached the bus. Usually I can convince him to wait. I wish I could force him to turn around whenever he leaves without us. He should see my sister crying.

We live in a settlement of 30 tents. As the situation back home got worse and worse, my grandparents, my uncle and aunt joined us. We want to go back as soon as possible. But every time we start to set out, something happens. The family of my friend went back, but now they're already back here again. Things are even worse than before. When we first arrived here, a neighbor gave us lessons. Now I’m learning the English alphabet and many other things. We sit in a circle, dance to music and draw. The female teacher is my favorite, Ms. Safiya. I go to school every day and learn – so that no one can tell me I’m stupid.”

Ali draws clothes with a passion and would later like to become a fashion designer. He pays his neighbor 5,000 lira per day to show him how to design clothes. He sold his first dress to a girl in the camp.

Here's how the UBS Optimus Foundation works

We choose programs that improve the health, education and protection of children and have the potential to bring far-reaching, scalable and sustainable change. In 2017, we received 61 million Swiss francs from our donors, which improved the lives and futures of 2.1 million children worldwide.

What else we’ve achieved:


1.3 million children benefited from interventions that cure disease or prevent illness

40,000 health professionals trained to provide vital health care


369,000 children benefitted from improved learning outcomes

40,000 education professionals trained to help children fulfill their true potential

Child protection

28,000 adults educated and counseled to better help children

63,000 children growing up in safer, more nurturing environments

Early childhood development

357,000 young children enjoyed a better start in life

38,000 caregivers educated and counseled in crucial early childhood programs

If you have any questions about our projects or your donation, please contact us on +41-44-237 27 87 or at