About us

The UBS Optimus Foundation makes UBS unique in the financial industry. Because only UBS has a foundation that is staffed by leading experts in philanthropy and has a client offering designed to deliver measurable, long-term benefits to the world's most vulnerable children.

At the Foundation, we recognize that our clients want to use their wealth for good and to catalyze positive social change. By connecting them with outstanding entrepreneurs who share that vision, we help them achieve their philanthropic goals.

We take the business-minded approach to philanthropy you'd expect from UBS. Our global coverage, proven expertise and unrivaled knowledge enable us to transform good ideas into great projects. We know that even the best concepts need the right guidance, and we never assume a project will work just because it seems like the obvious solution. In fact, we challenge project assumptions rigorously - only 5% meet our tough standards. And UBS is so confident about those projects we select that it co-funds them. This maximizes our projects' reach and ensures they make a sustainable and significant impact. Best of all, we guarantee that 100% of all donations go to projects that benefit children, because UBS covers all our costs.