Through the UBS Optimus Foundation, you’ll only support carefully selected projects with the potential to create lasting change for children

All projects supported by the UBS Optimus Foundation focus on young children. The logic is simple; we know from a wide body of academic research that £1 invested in children will have a higher social return than any other philanthropic investment.

In 2013, 3.1 million children died from under nutrition. And 1.7 million children died from preventable diseases. Studies have further shown that these issues are also a major cause of ongoing global poverty. There is a real opportunity for you to drive significant change in these areas.

The Optimus Foundation is constantly reviewing proposals from new projects, so the list of projects funded is always evolving.

For this campaign, the Optimus Foundation has carefully selected three high impact projects which our partners could also match in order to generate up to a 700% uplift of your donation.

Living Goods: a micro-franchise to improve child nutrition and health

You could support this pioneering solution to a lack of access to medicines and fortified foods. Living Goods uses a network of micro-entrepreneurs. These Community Health Promoters teach health education and bring lifesaving products and medicines to families - at an affordable price. Recent research evidences a 25% reduction in under 5 mortality rates in areas in which Living Goods works.

Last Mile Health: providing healthcare to people in remote villages

In the developing world, children are dying because they live too far from a doctor. Your investment through the UBS Optimus Foundation could help change this. You could help Last Mile Health train a network of Frontline Health Workers. They’ll bring quality healthcare to the doorstep of people living in remote villages, and help save lives. Initial survey results collected and analysed by Harvard University's Medical's Division of Global Health Equity and the Liberian Ministry of Health, show a staggering 88% trending reduction in child mortality in areas in which Last Mile Health works.

Saving Brains: supporting childhood development in the first 1,000 days of life

As many as 200 million children fail to reach their full potential. This is especially common in children living in poverty. These children face barriers to proper brain development such as under nutrition and lack of stimulation and this is of critical importance, because 90% of brain development occurs before the age of 5. Growth failure in early life has profound adverse consequences over the life cycle including development of human, social, and economic capital. Donations through the UBS Optimus Foundation could support this exciting initiative to help vulnerable children in their first 1,000 days of life - the most important time in child development - so they can go on to reach their full potential.


These three projects which are included in this unique opportunity, are just three examples of the types of projects you could support with a donation to the UBS Optimus Foundation. To find out more, please contact your client advisor or the Philanthropy Team , Tom Hall or Juliet Cockram.

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