Leverage your net donation up to 700% through the UBS Optimus Foundation UK

Maximise your donation Philanthropic giving with UBS

As a philanthropist, you want to ensure that your gift goes directly to those who need it, and that it will have a lasting impact. That’s why UBS set up the Optimus Foundation, to help clients like you to reach their philanthropic goals.

When you give to the UBS Optimus Foundation, you will support a portfolio of rigorously screened and innovative projects - all of which have the potential to save the lives or transform the futures of some of the poorest children around the world. Your donations go directly to the projects, as UBS covers all administration costs of the Foundation.

Jamie Broderick, Chairman, UBS Optimus Foundation UK, announces the launch of this year's giving opportunity.

Leveraged Giving Opportunity How UBS helps you to give more

In 2015, UBS will match all donations to the UBS Optimus Foundation up to a total of £3.7 million globally – doubling the value of your philanthropic investment. UBS has negotiated further matched funding through global partners, and can help you make the most of tax incentives to leverage your donation up to 700%

Every £1 net donation leverages up to £7.27.

If you are able to give £20,000 today, for example  (£13,750 cost to you after tax relief), you could leverage up to £100,000 for projects that change children's lives. Please get in touch with your client advisor to make a donation to the UBS Optimus Foundation today, or to discuss how we can help you reach your philanthropic goals.

This graph shows how your donation could be leveraged to maximise impact:

*Assumes you are a 45% tax payer and have paid sufficient UK tax.

**To be eligible for Gift Aid you must have paid sufficient UK tax.

UBS has allocated £3.7 million in matching funds for this campaign, available until the end of 2015.

To find out more about how we can help you maximise the uplift on your philanthropic investment, please get in touch with your client advisor.

This opportunity is only available to UK resident clients of UBS (London) and UBS (Jersey). If you wish to participate or find out more about how we can help you maximise your philanthropic investment, please contact your client advisor or the Philanthropy Team.

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Contact Anthony Donatelli or Tom Hall today to learn how we can help you to meet your philanthropic needs.

This year's projects Ground-breaking initiatives you can support in 2015

You will support projects that create lasting change for children.

All projects supported by the UBS Optimus Foundation focus on the health, education, protection and early development of children.

Around the world, 300,000 maternity and surgical wards don’t have the reliable electricity they need to perform lifesaving procedures. 8 million children are confined to institutions, inhibiting proper development and putting them at risk of violence. 3.1 million children die from a lack of nutrition each year. And even here in the UK, children living in poverty are four times more likely to become poor adults, as they lack the support they need to excel in school.

Through the UBS Optimus Foundation UK, you could support four projects in 2015 that tackle these problems head on, providing life-changing, sustainable solutions for children.

Solar Suitcases to power hospitals

In the developing world, mothers and babies are dying at night because health facilities don't have electricity to power lights  or simple diagnostic equipment. You could support this innovative solution that sends a complete solar energy system – in a compact suitcase – to health facilities. The Solar Suitcase provides lifesaving and sustainable power to maternal and surgical wards.

Moving children out of institutions and into families

There are 8 million children around the world confined to institutions. They are more likely to die and face torture and sexual violence than children in families. Even where institutions are well intentioned, they simply cannot replace the individual support a family provides. Your donation will help move children out of institutions and into families – giving them the chance of life, happiness and a future.

School support for disadvantaged children in the UK

In the UK, a quarter of all children – 3.5 million –are living in poverty. Without help, two thirds of these children will leave school without basic qualifications in English and Maths. You can help fund innovative Saturday programmes that provide extra teaching hours, one-to-one support, and creative learning for children from poor backgrounds who are struggling in school. You could help disadvantaged students to catch up – or even surpass – their more advantaged peers.

Providing effective nutrition to children

Every year 3.1 million children die from undernutrition. A further 162 million children under five suffer from stunting. Stunting can cause irreversible damage to children's brains and bodies – so they're less able to learn and work later in life. Your support for Power of Nutrition will help fund proper nutrition for children in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who are at risk of death, stunting or severe damage to the brain.

Our results How clients made a difference in 2014

In 2014, UBS clients donated over £1.5 million that leveraged more than £6 million into lifesaving projects that helped some of the poorest and most vulnerable children around the world.

Thanks to UBS clients, UBS Optimus Foundation and our partner, Last Mile Health, were one of the first responders to the Ebola crisis. By mobilising funds to quickly support response work, Last Mile Health was able to effectively contain Ebola in the areas in which it works.

Another partner, Living Goods, showed a 25% reduction in under-five child mortality in the areas it works in. Our clients helped Living Goods deliver its most impactful year to date, extending its network of micro-entrepreneurs delivering affordable medicines and fortified foods to families in need, reaching more children and saving lives.

In East Africa 50,000 children will be able to receive high quality early childhood development services through our partner, Saving Brains, over the next decade. Donations are helping fund a package of projects that support babies in their first 1,000 days of life – the most important time in a child's development.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the generosity of UBS clients.