Offering you a potential uplift of 700% on your philanthropic investment with the UBS Optimus Foundation UK

In today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure our philanthropic investment will be used wisely. That’s why UBS set up the Optimus Foundation, to help clients like you to reach their philanthropic goals.

Through the UBS Optimus Foundation UK, you can support a portfolio of rigorously screened projects. These all have the potential to create sustainable change for some of the world’s poorest children. You also have the confidence that your money will go directly to help those who need it.

UBS covers the administration costs of the Optimus Foundation and match funds client donations, effectively doubling their value. In addition, for a time limited period, we can also use your donation to leverage further funding from our global partners. With match funding from UBS and tax relief, every £1 you donate into selected projects could leverage up to £7.27.

If you are able to give £20,000 today, for example (£13,750 cost to you after tax relief), we could leverage up to £100,000 of philanthropic investment. Every £1 net donation leverages up to £7.27.

Please get in touch with your client advisor to make a donation to the Optimus Foundation today, or to discuss how we can help you reach your philanthropic goals.

This graph shows how your donation could be leveraged to maximise impact:

These figures are being shown for illustrative purposes only. Nothing contained within these materials constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice nor should it be relied upon in making a decision. Before making a decision it is recommended to seek the advice of an independent tax or legal consultant.

Your investment of £20,000 could leverage £100,000 to be invested in ground-breaking, strategic philanthropy that saves children’s lives.

*Assumes you are a 45% tax payer and have paid sufficient UK tax.
**To be eligible for Gift Aid you must have paid sufficient UK tax.

UBS has allocated £2.5million in matching funds for this campaign, available until the end of 2014.

To find out more about how we can help you maximise the uplift on your philanthropic investment, please get in touch with your client advisor.

This opportunity is only available to UK residents of UBS (London) and UBS (Jersey). Clients who wish to participate and to find out more about how we can help you to maximise the uplift on your philanthropic investment, should contact your client advisor or the Philanthropy Team, Tom Hall or Juliet Cockram.

Read about some of the ground-breaking projects you could support through the Optimus Foundation

The Optimus Foundation supports a package of carefully screened projects that help some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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High Impact Giving

Jamie Broderick, Head of UK Wealth Management at UBS, explains the benefits of giving with the UBS Optimus Foundation UK.