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We've teamed up with more than 50 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who share their answers to some of the toughest challenges.

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Economists concern themselves with finding solutions to the biggest questions. How can we fight global poverty? What stops people making good decisions? How can we create a more peaceful world?

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In a global, forward-thinking future, knowledge holds the key. That’s why we offer you credible information from Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who answer the questions that shape our world.

Claudia Goldin Third Woman to Become a Nobel Economist

Meet the newest Nobel Laureate to be awarded the highest honor within the field of Economic Sciences.

Recent events

At the 9th edition of Nobel Perspectives Live!, three Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences gathered on stage at Waseda University to discuss the promising landscape for aspiring entrepreneurs, the future of AI and robotics, and Japan’s economic prospects.

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In the most recent podcast episode, hear from Daniel Kahneman, winner in 2002 for integrating insights from psychological research into economics, especially concerning human judgement and decision-making under uncertainty. Learn about his newest book, “Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement”, and consider how noise infiltrates different parts of society.

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