Login options in Mobile Banking

Security standards in detail

UBS Mobile Banking is just as secure as e-banking. Logging in is a two-stage process. Depending on what you want to do in Mobile Banking, you can either log in simply with your password or you may need your Access Card and your PIN.

Login with password
For information and an overview of your finances, you only need your password to log in. Your security is guaranteed at all times because your data is only visible on an anonymous basis.

Log in with your password for example for:
- An overview of accounts and assets
- An overview of all credit card transactions
- Managing your expenses with the Personal Financial Assistant
- Transfers to your own account or savings account

Login with Access Card
If you also want to carry out payments when on the move, you will need to log in using the protected access data on your Access Card and by entering your PIN. The payment blocker gives you added security, as you can only transfer money via the app to beneficiaries who have already been confirmed in e-banking.

Log in with the Access Card and PIN for example for:
- Payment orders
-Scanning payment slips and executing payments
- Securities trading
- Transfers to credit card accounts

Logging in with the Access Card Display or the Access Card NFC is convenient when on the move. With these cards, you don't need a card reader to log in to Mobile Banking. The Access Card Display and the Access Card NFC are particularly secure because the cards are not linked to your smartphone and encrypt your access data.

Access Card Display for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone
For smartphones without the NFC function or for logging in via the Webapp, we recommend ordering the Access Card Display. This handy card with an integrated keypad is an access card and card reader rolled into one. No card reader is required with the Access Card Display. You can also use the Access Card Display to log in to e-banking.

Access Card NFC for Android
If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone, the Access Card NFC is the only thing you need to log in to Mobile Banking. You can leave your card reader at home. The Access Card NFC supports wireless exchange of access data (Near Field Communication) with Android devices, which means you no longer need to type in the access code.

Login with Access Card and card reader
You can of course use your card reader to log in to Mobile Banking as well – in the same way as for e-banking.

Ordering the Access Card Display and the Access Card NFC
When you first apply for UBS e-banking, you will receive the start package consisting of the card reader and Access Card NFC free of charge. You can order the Access Card Display for logging in without the card reader separately for 25 francs.
If you want to use Mobile Banking on your Android smartphone and don't yet have an Access Card NFC, you can also apply for this card in e-banking.
The link for ordering the Access Card Display and the Access Card NFC can be found in e-banking under "Products".

Award winners
The Access Card Display and the Access Card NFC won the "Customer Experience" category at the "Contactless & Mobile Awards 2014"