Is unpredictability the new normal?

The UBS Investor Watch report is a global research platform to help you understand the views, interests and concerns of the world’s High Net Worth Individuals.

  • 77% of Swiss millionaires:
    We live in the most unpredictable period in history

  • What is going on at the moment has never existed in this form. Retired (Male, age 62) – Bern

  • I try to see the world with a certain positivity.
    Employed (Female, age 39) – Vaud

  • We must be prepared for any eventuality.
    Employed (Male, age 38) – Genève

  • Global political turmoil may disrupt the Swiss economy.
    Family wealth (Female, age 42) – Bern

Ballots, populism, geopolitical tensions: it seems the world is becoming more and more unpredictable. What do investors think? 

Our new publication UBS Investor Watch suggests that Swiss High Net Worth Individuals:

  • See a positive future despite living in a period of unpredictability
  • Feel confident about their wealth and investment decisions
  • Feel they get distracted from long-term investment planning by short-term risks

UBS Investor Watch: takes the pulse of investors

For this first edition, we asked 400 Swiss HNWI investors whether they saw themselves living in a time of particular unpredictability, and what could be the reasons for this. We also wanted to know what impact unpredictability has on their wealth and investment behavior.

Get an extract of the results here, plus investment insights from UBS's Chief Investment Office, and the full report to download.

Long-term risks

Long-term risks

Information sources

Information sources

Domestic uncertainty

Domestic uncertainty

UBS Chief Investment Office WM: the investment perspective

Three things can help to deal with unpredictability

  1. Focus on the long term.
    Don’t let short-term events distract you from your long-term investment strategy and objectives.  
  2. Maintain a diversified portfolio.
    Diversify across asset classes and geographies to help avoid the risk of domestic bias, and add alternative investments as a stabilizer. 
  3. Be wary of overestimating the safety of cash.
    Inflation erodes the value of cash, which means cash assets can damage your financial health in the long term.

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