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Research is at the core of what we do and serves as a fundament for all our innovation projects. Apart from our own signal scanning, we work closely together with the think tank UBS Y, GDI and Zukunftsinstitut.

At the basis of all our innovation projects and experiments lies in-depth research. Understanding the megatrends that shape our society, the fundamental shifts that change how we live our lives, as well as the technological catalysts that enable and accelerate this change is essential to help us conceptualize what our future could look like. We condensed a summary of our findings in our WM Innovation Map. It is aligned with the thinking of our think tank UBS Y, GDI and Zukunftsinstitut. You can download it here. This map is a condensed view that outlines scenarios for a creative and strategic dialogue. We make the needs of individuals collide with global long-term megatrends and catalysts to discover possible value propositions in tomorrow’s markets.

Innovation Map

Our brand-new Wealth Management Innovation Map takes you on a journey into the future of Wealth Management. It highlights our clients' needs, the megatrends shaping our society, as well as technological catalysts that provide the context to create potential future differentiators for our clients.

Five areas which we focus our innovation efforts on

Background: Irreversible shifts in client behaviors and their expectations, as well as emerging technologies will define the future of wealth management: it is becoming ubiquitously accessible, smartly tailored, fully transparent, and available on the most convenient channels.

Imagine UBS clients receiving tailored, personalized advice anytime and anywhere, adapted to their life situation and current needs — interacting over entirely new, convenient channels.

We are on it: "What if your bank was just one question away."— Our partnership pilot with Amazon Echo: 

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve our clients, using natural language processing and other emerging technologies.

Background: The volume of stored personal data increases worldwide by the second. Artificial intelligence helps to analyze personalities, behaviors and preferences. Privacy concerns soar; people worry about online security, data leakage and abuse.
Imagine UBS helping clients having control and authority over their identity and personal data, allowing them to take conscious decisions about what data is given out, and how to monetize it. 

We are on it: "How might we protect our client’s physical wealth?" — we are currently exploring new ways to manage and protect our clients' personal data. We seek to co-create a new suite of solutions:

Background: Numerous triggers create pressure on today's closed value chains of financial institutions. In an open API landscape, banks open up their value chain, exchange data and co-operate with third parties, financials and beyond.
Imagine UBS helping clients, enabling them to assemble their own wealth services by pulling together the best solutions from the best providers. 

We are on it: we are constantly looking for new ways for our clients to facilitate choices and to benefit from network effects. — More to be communicated soon.

Background: Traditionally focused on tangible financial assets, in the future, wealth will also cover non-financial and even intangible ones.
Imagine UBS helping clients to follow their personal purpose while protecting what is truly important to them — Beyond financials, taking a look at the clients' overall situation and providing tailored, holistic advice.
We are on it: "What if you could take your passions with you anywhere you go?" We are currently working on a solution to cater for our clients' passions in a digital world. — More to be communicated soon.

Background: There are fundamental debates about the meaning of wellbeing, and how to measure it, beyond GDP. People discuss a reform of capitalism, and some claim that we need to reinterpret or even abolish growth as an economic target.

Imagine UBS helping clients to understand the major issues and changes facing the global economy, to support them in taking the right decisions for their private and working lives, and to co-create solutions for tomorrow's economy.

We are on it: we are currently assessing how financial inclusion might be achieved in a developing country by establishing a blockchain based system. 

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