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Our brand-new Wealth Management Innovation Map takes you on a journey into the future of Wealth Management. It highlights our clients' needs, the megatrends shaping our society, as well as technological catalysts that provide the context to create potential future differentiators for our clients.

Wealth Management Innovation Lab

Rethinking Wealth Management

Our mission is to identify and validate business opportunities for future products and services in Wealth Management. Our research and development approach is designed to incubate creative ideas into testable prototypes within a sandbox environment. We believe in a better Wealth Management experience, and together we are shaping the future of UBS.

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What if your bank was just one question away?

Amazon Echo is a groundbreaking hands-free speaker you control with your voice, which makes interacting with your bank easier than before: Just say the word 'Alexa', and Echo springs to life. Imagine a financial question popping into your head, asking it out loud and getting an answer straightaway. Echo can also play music, give you the latest news, weather and sports scores, and lets you control your home, all without lifting a finger.

We have built and tested a "UBS skill" for Alexa – find out more in the article below.


What if you could witness the impact of your donation?

Mixed Reality technologies have recently been experiencing a boom. To stay at the forefront of the latest developments, we are currently assessing various solutions, trying to find out if and to what extent it may make sense for wealth managers to apply them. As a showcase, experience the 360° video we produced with the UBS Optimus Foundation. Click on the picture on the right side using your smartphone to immerge into a remote community in Liberia and witness how the Foundation's partners help the people on site. For a better immersion, it is recommended to use a Virtual Reality headset such as Google Cardboard and click the respective icon on the bottom right of the video.

What if you could shield your personal identity?

What if UBS helped you to shield your personal identity, profile, preferences and digital footprint? We are carefully watching the growing dominance of data and interconnectedness of everything - and what it means for our clients’ privacy. Find out more and join one of our co-creation sessions!

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