UBS Future of Finance Forum - Beyond Money

Investing in Alternative Assets in the Digital Age

These videos show you key contributors from an invitation-only event which brought together nearly 50 high-profile leaders and experts from established Fintechs, academia, regulators and blue chips with our own UBS experts to understand how developments in Fintech might change the landscape of investment in alternative assets like Art and collectables. How can you prove provenance? How can you verify authenticity? How can you share ownership? How can you democratise investment in this arena? Together, at the Forum, we debated these questions and more. The meeting took place in Hong Kong on 9 February 2017.

Keynote / Overview - Digitisation and Digitalisation

Will Ross, Nest

Participant pitches

Three minute point-of-view presentations about the future of investing in alternative assets, from some of the experts who joined the conference

Jehan Chu, Jen Advisors

David Shrier, MIT

Henri Arslanian, PWC

Benedicte Nolens, Security and Futures Commission

Michael Mellinghoff, Techfluence

Philip Inglis, Ernst and Young

Ketan Samani, UBS

Aurelien Menant, Gatecoin