As a founding member UBS benefits enormously from Mobey Forum events. Veronica Lange, UBS Head of Group Innovation, finds the expert discussions, dynamic exchange of ideas and interaction within the various working groups hugely valuable and rewarding. That UBS was asked to organize the first Mobey Forum’s Member Meeting of the year only underlines how we are seen as a thought leader and pioneer in digital banking.

During the two-day event, the Grünenhof Conference Center in Zurich buzzed with excited talk of new digital payment systems, the need for integrated APIs (programming interfaces) and the potential of technologies such as blockchain. The fintech future is already a reality to be reckoned with, said Stephan Murer, UBS Group Chief Technology Officer. The reality is underscored by the 19 billion US dollars invested in financial technology last year alone. The demand for APIs and service infrastructure is permanently altering the IT landscape. Other emerging technologies are also playing their part. Blockchain is a new platform that promises to turn the Internet into a secure transaction network.

Participants were treated to several insightful and fascinating presentations by innovative international banks, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Caixa Bank from Spain and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Andreas Kubli, Head of UBS Multichannel and Digitization, described how UBS is following the example of leading technology companies by developing its own digital ecosystem. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, understands better than any other company how to provide clients with a seamless "all-in-one" interactive experience. UBS also wants to deliver an all-in-one solution with all the relevant services to clients. The only way to achieve this is through our clients' smartphones. Some of our first steps on this digital journey include purpose-built applications, such as "digital onboarding," UBS TWINT and Wealth Management Online.

We were delighted to hear participants rated the event a great success – one of the best they had ever attended. Reason enough for us to participate and organize similar conferences in future.

"Here at UBS, we know we have to be innovative. That can't happen without collaboration – which is why you're all here today. Alone, we won't beat the market, the market will beat us," said Stephan Murer, UBS Group Chief Technology Officer, in his opening speech for this year's first Mobey Forum event.