Leveraging the insights from last year's UBS Future of Finance Challenge, for which more than 600 global fintech startups pitched their solutions to our Innovation team, we have identified four key themes that in the next years could have a disruptive impact on the industry and the way we experience financial services: "Digital Identity", "Intelligent Automation", "Crowd Capital Raising" and "Beyond Money".

Following up on this, we have recently launched the UBS Future of Finance Forums, a series of high-profile events where industry leaders will get together to examine these four themes and fully understand their implications. By "forums" we mean highly interactive and by-invitation-only events with 50-60 of the highest profile delegates from across the FinTech ecosystem. The events will be attended by representatives of established tech companies and professional services firms, fintech startups, leading academics, regulators, and senior experts from financial services. By participating in design workshops, all delegates will be encouraged to constructively challenge the status quo and outlining what the future holds. The forums are thus a unique chance for the participants to contribute to industry wide thought-leadership on the future state and consequences of key fintech trends.

The first forum, held in London on September 6, explored the "Digital Identity" theme and a second in Zurich looked at "Intelligent Automation" - the role of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in finance. You can watch the keynote speech from each of these events and also see three minute "participant pitches" in which experts in each subject set out concisely their take on some of the biggest issues - follow the links on the right.

The third forum, on "Crowd Capital Raising", will take place in New York in December and then in Hong Kong in February we will travel "Beyond Money"-looking at Fintech-enabled investment in alternative asset classes such as real-estate, collectables, vehicles and digital assets. Highlights from both will be available soon after they take place and UBS will also publish white papers based on the views and opinions generated at the forums. To make sure you hear more, sign up for our newsletter or follow the hashtag #ubsinnovate on Twitter.