There are significant cash prizes to be won. Enough to maybe develop a
prototype or do some research. We understand though that there’s much
more to launching an idea than money so we are providing mentoring,
access to UBS business and technology leaders, the acceleration of winning
ideas and the oxygen of publicity too!

Cash prizes

1st prize US$50,000, 2nd prize US$20,000, 3rd prize US$10,000 and 9 runner-up prizes of US$5,000.


Over 300 dedicated hours of coaching from UBS expert mentors and partners for 60 short-listed companies. Talk to the person at UBS who really understands the business and technology that your idea addresses.


3 months of intensive support and acceleration to get you market-ready or further develop your innovation. (Up to 8 places available around the world).

Global profile

Gain the prestige of winning a prize from on of the world’s leading wealth managers. Be featured in UBS’s public relations and marketing efforts and get exposure to our global network.