Regional Finalists

The Global and Regional Finalists

Over 600 contestants entered the UBS Future of Finance
Challenge. From these 60 were chosen to take part in
the four regional finals in November to compete for the chance
to go to the global finals in Zurich. Congratulations to everyone who made it this far - you
can find out more about them by following the links below.

Mesitis (Canopy)

Canopy extracts, aggregates and visualizes a customer’s entire wealth across all asset classes, markets, custodians from data in any format, anonymously.


To provide innovative insights into financial markets based on news & sentiment analytics.

Crayon Data

Maya brings the power of external, internet sized data sets and proprietary algorithms, to ultra-personalize choices for consumers.

Otonomos BCC

Otonomos represents private company shares on the blockchain, using it as the register of ownership and rails for peer-to-peer share transfer.


A market place lending providing sophisticated investors access to emerging market loans from Development Finance Institutions and Banks.


A cloud based journey management platform makes digital banking deployment and experiments fun, fast and economical.

Capital Preferences

You can understand your clients more deeply, in half the time, by their decisions not their words. That’s an Economic FingerprintTM

SayPay Technologies Inc.

SayPay biometric voice solutions create a simple, secure and seamless customer experience across the bank’s digital banking enterprise.

Kaibigan Club Analytics

Credit-worthiness and risk evaluation leveraging alternative data points such as mobile usage and responsible behaviors in additional to financial data.

Investable Limited

Investable is a leading equity crowdfunding platform providing investors access to a curated selection of technology startups.

Three Key Solutions

Trade portfolios optimally, allocate client trades optimally, and meet regulatory capital requirements with minimal impact to the bottom line.

Allocated Bullion Solutions (ABS)

ABS provides open architecture award winning industry solutions the entire physical precious metals supply chain to be migrated into a fully integrated electronic trading framework.

Sunny Tham

Banks have all the benefits of Blockchain’s efficiency and security plus FULL CONTROL of their clients’ assets.

Bluechip Fintech Solutions & Innovations

We drive superior operational efficiency, compliance & risk mitigation, analytics, client experience and treasury operations across payment channels, in real-time.

Koolla Pte. Ltd.

Acebanker is an algorithmic-based wealth manager with machine-learning capabilities that enables every individual user to customize the most optimal portfolio from multiple financial instruments.

Nektoon AG (Squirro)

Squirro improves banking operations by reducing IT systems downtime and optimizing the average incident handling time by up to 50%.


100x faster than state-of-the-art, our backend software for mathematical optimization enables real-time, interactive portfolio optimization on mobile devices.


Convenient and privacy-preserving electronic payments for the digital society using an open standard and free implementation.


BIOWATCH, a wearable that fits on your watch for secure and seamless access to e-banking & m-payment apps.

Ostendo Consulting

Payment card PIN delivered the moment user gets card and requests it! EPD cuts PIN delivery costs up to 75%. GmbH

Smart Statement finds documents and information related to your bank statements and use them to create your personal finance manager.


Wayerz provides an integrated bank-to-bank platform that includes a navigation-like system used to optimize international money wires, correspondent inter-bank reporting, and reconciliation.


Enabling research analysts and portfolio managers to identify mispriced assets and develop non-consensus investment theses underpinned by thorough fundamental analysis.


PrimeKit TM is a cloud-based digital enablement platform that facilitates secure contactless mobile services. It’s token-based, supports mobile wallet solutions, and complies with IPN requirements.

Finhorizon AG

Daily supply of risk-return ratings to any subscriber. Usable for investment advisors as a base case in a comply-or-explain process.

Sound Proof

Want to protect customer data from being stolen? Sound-Proof provides secure and usable two-factor authentication for your online services.

Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd.

GetGems enables payments within social networks’ chats. Leveraging existing networks creates simplicity and an intuitive payment experience.


Detect real live humans in shared digital data economy transactions to enhance security and reduce fraud.


An API providing numerous smart contracts that protect both parties in common transactions like cars, housing rentals and services.


A software to radicalize the way data and events are interactively selected, analyzed, correlated, visualized, augmented and made actionable.

Liveoak Technologies, Inc.

Liveoak is solving the friction in complex transactions by enhancing customer engagement and eliminating paperwork.


Liveoak is solving the friction in complex transactions by enhancing customer engagement and eliminating paperwork.

Tradelegs LLC

Easily create, maintain and understand the best strategies for maximizing expected profits while controlling risk.

SHFuse, Inc.

Stockfuse is a revolutionary talent evaluation tool,applying gamification technology to source, screen, and rank candidates for financial services.


Keep your data secure by giving users access to the data they need, not a byte more.


LMRKTS lowers the impact of any market participant’s failure on others, proactively and periodically detangling the unnecessary complex web of counterparty risk

WealthForge Holdings, Inc.

We provide an integrated solution of risk management, standardized processing and automated technology for issuers and intermediaries.

Coinalytics Co.

Coinalytics enables enterprises to derive real-time business intelligence and risk assessment from blockchains and decentralized applications.

ZeroDB, Inc.

ZeroDB helps enterprises safely migrate data to the cloud while mitigating catastrophic data breaches.


Arthena partners with art experts to provide HNWI with the most informed art investment opportunities, balancing risk and un-paralleled returns.

Six Trees Capital LLC (MaxMyInterest)

Maximizes yield and deposit insurance while helping banks increase wallet share, manage balance sheet and comply with Basel III.

HealthcareTTU, Inc (HTTU)

Transforming the uncertainty of unpredictable claim payments into the certainty of immediate liquidity for healthcare organizations, improving banking relationships

Trineba Technologies, Inc.

Trineba is a cybersecurity company that democratizes device verification in order to eliminate the fraud, theft, and danger that proliferates from trust-based attacks across connected devices.

Richard Rothenberg

We drive superior operational efficiency, compliance & risk mitigation, analytics, client experience and treasury operations across payment channels, in real-time.

Sensai Corporation

Sensai is an artificial intelligence platform that generates business insights for any question from any data set


Technology that allows products, marketing communications and risk management reflect individual personality and specific customer needs.

Synops Technology

Synops removes FX risk from businesses via advanced hedging tools. The online platform automates and makes it available to all.

Crowdaura Ltd.

Current financial securities and physical asset contract execution and trading highly complex, inefficient and or lack transparency. Crowdaura’s provides an end-to-end solution that provides transparency and security of an exchange but operational efficiency and effectiveness of a single system solution.

Aesthetic Integration Ltd.

Our technology automatically analyzes financial algorithms for glitches.

Pollen VC

We give app developers faster access to their revenues, so they immediately reinvest in user growth.

Sybenetix Ltd.

Our Enterprise Behavioural Analytics software increases investment performance and compliance by providing decision support tools that improve skill and conduct.

TheMarketsTrust Advisory

We restore the market’s trust in complex high-yield securities through unbiased, independent and timely credit ratings.

Catopsys Plt

Personalized and engaging experience for the customers by immerging them virtually in the relevant environment and with the right interlocutors.

Uniqul Ltd.

The world first face recognition payment: accelerate banking process and increase security through automation in ID checking and transaction verification.

OfficeRank BV

We offer an objective quality score for every building in the world, combined with powerful business intelligence tools.

Netz CMS Ltd.

NETZ is a personal assistant helping time-poor sales executives to be more effective with clients and increase productivity by 25-30%!


Elliptic AML brings identity to the blockchain & addressing the compliance challenge around digital currencies.

City Falcon Ltd.

Real-time, comprehensive, relevant financial news from 200+ online publications and Twitter. Free for consumers; businesses pay for convenience and technology.

AimBrain Solutions Ltd

AimBrain provides the best-in-class context-aware mobile biometric security authentication framework to any mobile website or application.

Cryptosense SA

Live cryptographic security dashboard for financial institutions.

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