We have identified four focused challenges where technology can
transform how we work and what we deliver for our clients:


The Banking Efficiency Challenge

How will banks step-change their efficiency?

We are seeking innovative ideas and technologies that:

  • Drive efficiency and automation across all our processes
  • Increase the speed, security and reliability of operations, e.g. by applying blockchain and distributed ledger technology to banking operations
  • Improve models for risk management and enable real-time risk assessments
  • Share knowledge and work effectively in a global organization
  • Support efficient and effective collaboration between banks and other stakeholders in an ecosystem

The Secure Banking Challenge

How will banks secure their operations and their clients’ assets?

We are seeking innovative ideas and technologies that:

  • Effectively manage APIs, platforms and client and supplier services
  • Develop industry utilities which can provide scale across multiple banks
  • Build and maintain trust in an increasingly digital and virtual world
  • Pro-actively support data integrity and client privacy
  • Complement current offerings with new data or trust-based services

The Superior Offering Challenge
The Superior Offering Challenge
The Superior Offering Challenge
The Superior Offering Challenge

How will banks create superior financial products?

We are seeking innovative ideas and technologies that:

  • Customize and adapt products and services to individual client needs in a cost-efficient way
  • Translate investment research into tangible, actionable and relevant advice
  • Use growing client and market information, both structured and unstructured, to support investors, financial advisors and risk managers
  • Use crowd-intelligence or artificial intelligence to create superior products
  • Provide security of information and identification as a service

The Client Experience Challenge

How will banks deliver the ultimate client experience?

We are seeking innovative ideas and technologies that:

  • Deliver a personalized, engaging and rewarding experience
  • Connect banking relationships across multiple banks
  • Discover clients’ needs and preferences
  • Provide intuitive search and visualization of financial data
  • Enable easy and secure access to banking services for new and existing clients
  • Ensure optimal interaction on new devices and across channels


We’re excited to see what ideas you have to address our four challenges. Here are some of the types of innovative approaches and potentially disruptive technologies we think might be relevant:

APIs, Alternate lending, Artificial intelligence, Automation, Big data, Biometrics, Blockchain Applications, Blockchain Technology, Crowdsourcing, Cryptocurrencies, Data analytics, Digital advisory, Digital identification, Digital marketplaces, Digital Vault, Distributed ledgers, Fraud management networks, Immersive Virtual Reality Environments, Internet of Things, Machine learning, Mobile Technologies, Modularization, Natural Language, New algorithms, Online credit scoring, Portfolio management, Portfolio optimization, Predictive analytics, Quantum Processing, Risk profiling, Security and privacy verification, Smart contracts, Smart recommendations, Trading algorithms, User Experience.