The MAP in numbers

To date, MAP's acquisition program has brought more than 125 works by 86 artists and collectives into the Guggenheim's permanent collection, under the auspices of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund.

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Poklong Anading, Counter Acts, 2004, Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund 2012

Through this initiative, the Guggenheim has increased the number of Latin American artists in the collection by 66% and the number of collection artworks from the region by 30%. The inclusion of artists from South and Southeast Asia and the number of artworks from that region have each grown by more than 200%.

Marta Minujìn, Statue of the Libery covered by hamburgers (Estatua de la Libertad recubierta de hamburguesas), 1979, Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund 2014

More than 6,000 students, teachers, families, and art enthusiasts have participated in more than 80 interactive education programs, developed jointly by the Guggenheim and its institutional partners. Programs made specifically for local audiences, such as interactive teaching workshops for educators, artist-authored teacher guides, and multi-language tours for families, and performance residencies have been incorporated into year-round programming at MAP presentation venues.

Navin Rawanchaikul, Places of rebirth, 2009, Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund 2012