Race Information

Canada, Montréal

June 12 | 14:00 local time, 20:00 CET

Canada is a fascinating race strategically - there is usually little to choose between the one and two stop strategies in terms of race time, although a two stop is clearly preferable if you can run in clear air, as a front-runner. Overtaking is quite easy on the 350km/h straights, so strategists don’t worry too much about losing time in traffic. Driving a one stop requires a more careful approach in managing tyres, but can work out well as there is a high (60%) chance of a Safety Car. Montreal is the hardest track of the year on brakes and coping strategies are needed towards the end of the race, with cars that now weigh around 700kg and multiple braking events from over 300km/h every lap.



Circuit length 4.361 km
Race distance 305.27 km
Laps 70
2015 race winner Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)