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Thoughts of a World Champion on Legacy

After a couple of months of distance from an active role in the world of Formula 1, we met reigning F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg to talk to him about topics that affect us all. Legacy was one of them.

Man vs. Machine?

Increasingly state-of-the-art and long since a staple of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently reemerging, contributing to the broader trend of intelligent automation. Knowingly and unknowingly, we are starting to experience AI on a regular basis, be it through Apple’s Siri or the memory features of the cars we drive.

Toto Wolff - F1 Entrepreneur

As different as success stories can be, there are elements that most of them share. Setbacks, big or small, for instance, can happen to anybody at any time. How you deal with them and come out the other side will eventually define your success, according to Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport. "Success shouldn't be judged at halftime. The day you retire you need to judge whether you've been successful or not.", he says.


Nico Rosberg on Legacy, June 2017 (2 mins 31 secs) Thoughts of a World Champion on Legacy

Full documentary from April 2016 (8 mins) F1 Entrepreneur - Toto Wolff

From November 2016 (2 mins 30 secs) Unlimited: Lewis Hamilton answers some of life's big questions


Hungary, Budapest


July 28 - July 30, 2017

Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

August 25 - 27, 2017

Italy, Monza

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

September 1 - 3, 2017

  • First Grand Prix: 1986
  • Number of laps: 70
  • Circuit length: 4.381 km
  • Race distance: 306.63 km
  • Lap record: 1:19.071
    Michael Schumacher (2004)

The pole position driver has won only once in the last 11 years.

  • First Grand Prix: 1950
  • Number of laps: 44
  • Circuit length: 7.004 km
  • Race distance: 308.052 km
  • Lap record: 1:47.263
    Sebastian Vettel (2009)

The most famous part of the circuit is the Eau Rouge / Raidillon combination. Drivers race down a straight to where the track crosses the Eau Rouge stream for the first time, before being launched steeply uphill into a sweeping left-right-left collection of corners with a blind summit. The following right-hander that leads steeply uphill is called "Raidillon". The corner requires an amount of skill from the driver to negotiate it well.

  • First Grand Prix: 1950
  • Number of laps: 53
  • Circuit length: 5.793 km
  • Race distance: 306.72 km
  • Lap record: 1:21.046
    Rubens Barrichello (2004)

Monza has witnessed a long list of historic moments, making it one of the most magical places on the Formula One calendar. The Italians call it 'La Pista Magica', the magic track.

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