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Finding an Edge with Lewis Hamilton

In our video Finding an Edge, we see Lewis Hamilton in a brand new optic as he dissects some key factors in his life that made him one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers on the planet.

Hidden heroes of Monaco

In this video series, we go behind the scenes to discover the hard working volunteers who each play their part to make the Monaco Grand Prix a success.


How do high achievers secure their future? How do they overcome life's challenges and what can we learn from them? We sat down with 12 top performers in and around Formula One to discuss achieving sustained success and future proofing.


Full version, 2018 (1 min, 5 secs) Hidden heroes of Monaco

Full version, 2018 (3 mins 28 secs) The Decision: a conversation with Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport driver

Full version, 2017 (4 mins 30 secs) Finding an Edge with Lewis Hamilton



Japan Facts

Suzuka International Racing Course

11 – 13 October, 2019

  • First Grand Prix: 1987
  • Number of laps: 53
  • Circuit length: 5.807 km
  • Race distance: 307.471 km
  • Lap record held by Kimi Räikkönen (2005): 1:31.540

The circuit's figure-of-eight layout and unique 'S' Curves make it one of the most exciting tracks of Formula one. Try and find a driver who says otherwise.

Mexico Facts

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

25 – 27 October, 2019

  • First Grand Prix: 1963
  • Number of laps: 71
  • Circuit length: 4.304 km
  • Race distance: 305.354 km
  • Lap record held by Valtteri Bottas (2018): 1:18.741

The circuit has an elevation of 2,285 m (7,500 ft); the thin air causes difficulties for both the drivers and their cars: For drivers, lack of oxygen can lead to symptoms like slight fatigue, dizziness, difficulties to breathe or mild headaches. As air is less dense in high altitudes, it can affect the car's engines and diminish acceleration.

USA Facts

Circuit of the Americas

1 - 3 November, 2019

  • First Grand Prix: 2012
  • Number of laps: 56
  • Circuit length: 5.513 km
  • Race distance: 308.405 km
  • Lap record held by Sebastian Vettel (2012): 1:39.347

This 20-turn circuit takes advantage of the site's natural topography to include dramatic elevation changes of up to 40 metres.

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