How do high achievers secure their future? How do they overcome life's challenges and what can we learn from them? We sat down with top performers in and around Formula 1 to discuss achieving sustained success and future-proofing.

Susie Wolff: Dare To Be Different

Susie Wolff was the highest-achieving woman in motorsport when she retired as a Formula One test driver in 2015. Here, she recalls the powerful influence of family and explains her mission to inspire a generation of girls to embrace motorsport.

Alexander Mankowsky: We Want to Develop Intuitive Cars

Alexander Mankowsky not only studies what the world of mobility will be like thirty years from now, but does something about it. Here, he discusses the future of man and machine.

Annastiina Hintsa: Keeping It In The Family

Annastiina Hintsa, Chief Operating Officer of Hintsa Performance explains how to keep a legacy alive in a family business, whilst shaping it in your image.

Lewis Hamilton: The Value of Difference

The fastest man on four wheels explains why celebrating his differences made him the man he is today, and how he’s defining tomorrow.

James Hewitt: The Art of Delayed Gratification

James Hewitt works with Formula One drivers and leading CEO’s to help them achieve more sustainable high-performance, long-term decision making and ultimately, build legacies. Here, he explains how.

Wilko Stark: Futuristically mobile

Wilko thinks about the future of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars, finding answers to questions like "how will mobility develop beyond ownership?". Here you get a taste of the revolutionizing changes coming in the next decades.

David Coulthard: Actor to observer

Here he explains how he made a life changing decision, allowing him to shift to a new career and build a new legacy

James Allison: Tomorrow, today

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport won the FIA Formula 1TM World Constructors’ Championship four years running. What's their secret? Technical director, James Allison, who joined the team in early 2017 has surprising answers.

Young Drivers: Hitting tomorrow's apex

Esteban Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein and George Russell are the three youngsters that make up Mercedes-Benz’s Junior Program. We wanted to know what they do to get their name in the hall of fame of tomorrow.

Amanda Goodall: Walked the walk

What makes a good Formula 1 principal and why do their teams perform so well? In our interview, Dr. Amanda Goodall explains why successful leadership in any business means having 'walked the walk'.

Toto Wolff: Success is temporary, legacy is permanent

We interviewed Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, to hear his thoughts on retirement, leaving a legacy, and his son's secret links to motorsport.

Nico Rosberg: A new-found freedom

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg talks about his decision to step down at the height of his fame, his life away from the grid and his relationship with Lewis Hamilton