UBS and Formula 1®

To win in Formula 1 requires flawless execution and a constant desire to improve what is already excellent.

Formula 1 is all about the best of the best challenging themselves and others in landmark events every few weeks, while working relentlessly behind the scenes to innovate and improve. At UBS, we share this attitude and take it as a great inspiration.

As a Global Partner of Formula 1®, UBS has made this unique and exciting sport the centerpiece of our sports sponsorship portfolio. The partnership constitutes a key element of our branding activities and provides us with year-round brand presence on television globally, as well as client hospitality at most of the 19 F1 Grand Prix - often one of the highest profile sporting events of the year in the host country.

Formula 1 races are decided by inspired driving, but also by teamwork. Good strategy is crucial to success; planning the race, decision making and change management decide outcomes in Grand Prix racing just as surely as they do in banking.

Achieving UBS' vision of becoming the choice of clients worldwide demands nothing less than being better at what we do than anyone else. It ensures that "We will not rest" until we've found the best solutions for each and every client.

We challenge ourselves to produce the winning Formula.

Race strategy

There is a huge amount of strategic work that goes on behind the scenes at every race and strategy calls often prove the decisive factor in winning or losing races -a bad decision can cost a race victory, whereas a bold gamble can sometimes steal one from the jaws of defeat.