Financial flexibility when you need it.

Having a reliable source of liquidity available whenever you need it empowers you to do more. It enables you to take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity. And it protects you when cash flow is tight, so you’ll feel more secure knowing you can handle the unexpected.

At Findley Wise Wealth Management, we have alternatives to provide you with a source of liquidity for both your personal and business needs. By utilizing eligible securities within your portfolio as collateral, you have access to the funds you need without having to sell your assets and disturb your long-term financial strategy.

A UBS Credit Line1 has no fees, points or closing costs2 having it in place before you need it can help you feel better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Common uses

  • Finance real estate and explore business opportunities
  • Refinance high-interest debt
  • Pay tuition, taxes or other unexpected big ticket expenses

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