The Findley Wise Managed Portfolios provide individual investors with the unique opportunity to own an institutional-quality portfolio.

After the steepest financial crisis the U.S. has seen in nearly a century, today’s markets are still challenging and marked by uncertainty. Which is why, more than ever before, it’s essential to have a team of professionals continuously watching over the complexities of your portfolio in an objective and rational manner, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

With the Findley Wise Managed Portfolios, you will have:

  • Investment specialists continuously monitoring your portfolio
  • The opportunity to invest in portfolios utilizing funds that have passed institutional-caliber due diligence
  • Confidence from knowing that your portfolio is aligned with your investment objectives and risk tolerance

The Findley Wise Managed Portfolios offer the opportunity to have a diversified portfolio using one or more of the following investment vehicles: mutual funds; exchange traded funds; and U.S. equities. The Portfolio Strategy Group consists of dedicated portfolio managers, asset allocation strategists, traders and research analysts who provide focused, in-depth expertise in their respective areas.

The professionals in the Portfolio Strategy Group define risk management as knowing what to own and why to own it. The bar is set high.

They ask challenging questions and insist on straightforward answers. Their direct access to portfolio managers enables them to perform a comprehensive review and holistic risk analysis of all underlying holdings owned by mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

For the majority of "cookie cutter" portfolios found elsewhere, the management approach begins and ends with strategic asset allocation. If markets were fairly fixed, day in and day out, strategic asset allocation might be all a manager needed to maintain a portfolio. But market behavior across asset classes isn’t static. It’s fluid, changing constantly. So for the Portfolio Strategy Group Investment Committee, the firm’s strategic asset allocation is merely a starting point.

The following illustration represents a hypothetical scenario and in no way a recommendation to any client. The strategic asset allocation of a portfolio determines how the assets should be invested across the various asset classes over the long term (7-10 years), based on an investor's investment strategy and personal investor profile. Short-term deviations (typically 6-12 months) from the strategic asset allocation are implemented to capture short-term market opportunities presented in response to changing market conditions. These shifts are made to the portfolio by overweighting or underweighting particular asset classes, resulting in a tactical asset allocation.

When Findley Wise partners with the Portfolio Strategy Group, you receive the following benefits:

  • Institutional-quality investment management
  • Rigorous and disciplined due diligence process
  • Comprehensive asset allocation solutions
  • A portfolio constructed according to your financial goals and comfort level with risk
  • Continuous monitoring and risk management

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