Retirement Plan Diagnostic

At Findley Wise Wealth Management, we have a deep appreciation for the responsibilities you assume when offering a retirement plan to your employees, and we understand how the current environment of heightened financial regulation has created a perfect storm for employers.

Rules and regulations for company retirement plans continue to increase at a dramatic pace, which leaves plan sponsors with the job of trying to figure out how to stay current on their increased responsibilities.

  • What is 404(c)?
  • What is QDIA?
  • Are our plan costs reasonable?
  • Do we have an investment policy?
  • What documentation is required?
  • Who is a fiduciary?
  • Do we have adequate fidelity bond coverage?
  • What notices need to be provided to our employees?

The Findley Wise difference

  • Retirement Plan Focused Advisors
  • Fiduciaries
  • Defined Processes
  • Documented Due Diligence
  • Focus on Participant Outcomes
  • Transparent Pricing

How exactly does this work? We know that your time is important, but we also know how important it is to have your retirement plan working correctly, so our comprehensive analysis begins with a brief 30-minute discussion. We ask many questions about your plan and listen carefully to your answers. We ask how your participants are educated and how the investments are selected for the plan. What types of documentation and notices are being provided? How is the plan structured? Along with these answers, we ask for some supporting documentation.

  • Enrollment materials
  • Annual notices
  • Current fee disclosure documents
  • Summary plan description
  • Assets by fund
  • Plan review

This initial conversation and the supporting documentation give us the information we need to provide you with our detailed Retirement Plan Diagnostic.

In our follow-up meeting, we will present and discuss the Retirement Plan Diagnostic, which focuses on the four components of a successful retirement plan. We will outline each of these components in three ways. What is the current status of your plan across all of these components? How does your plan stand up against comparable benchmarks or what is expected based upon current regulations? What is working, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be implemented?

Service provider review

  • Service provider fee detail
  • Fee benchmarking
  • Cost benefit analysis

Participant education

  • Quality participation
  • Delivery of education
  • Effectiveness of education

Fiduciary support

  • Fiduciary acknowledgement
  • Processes overview
  • Documentation


  • Investment flexibility
  • Revenue sharing detail

The benefits of the Retirement Plan Diagnostic are only as powerful as the means to which they are applied. We provide you with concrete recommendations that will move your plan to the next level by outlining areas that we can help enhance and processes that we would implement to achieve those stated objectives. Along with these defined processes, we assist you in proper documentation so that you're creating a proper audit trail that aims to maximize your protection.

Here’s how we do it:

We're here to put it all together

We integrate all the components of a successful retirement plan and create organization and focus for your company's distinct goals and objectives.

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