Retirement Plan Services

Our focused retirement plan advisors have built our services on several core principles that are centered on doing only what is best for the Plan and its participants. This is at the heart of ERISA and what our advisor's fiduciary obligation is.

Accountability: As your advisor we are accountable for the advice we provide and acknowledge that commitment through a written agreement.

Straight Forward Pricing: We believe that the cost for record keepers, investment managers, and advisors should be independent of one another and disclosed in that way. This allows Plan Sponsors to properly benchmark their costs to determine if they are reasonable for the service being provided.

Investment Flexibility: Most Plan Sponsors are limited in the investments they can choose for their plan lineup. We believe that Plan Sponsors should be able to choose from virtually any mutual fund, index fund, or ETF, and we explain how this can be accomplished.

Employee Outcomes: A company retirement plan is the primary way for the majority of people to save for retirement. Our advisors look beyond just enrolling employees, but work to help them better understand what their contributions could amount to in the future to help them determine if they are on track to reach their goals.

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