Why UBS?

Helping you around the world

For over 150 years, UBS has been trusted by businessmen, entrepreneurs and families to manage their wealth across the world. Our seasoned client advisors, many of whom are expatriates themselves are backed by an award-winning team of over 900 analysts and market strategists around the globe. With this kind of support, UBS can help to make your financial affairs seamless – no matter how complex they are, or wherever you are originally from.


Key questions to ask yourself

What should I consider when planning for tomorrow?

Our services embrace all the major milestones you'll face. These include passing on your wealth to the next generation, retiring, protecting yourself and your loved ones, and relocating somewhere new.

How can I be sure my wealth will reach the right people?

We can help protect and transfer your assets smoothly to the next generation. Succession planning, secure corporate trustees, and trusts are just some of the services we provide.

How can I help make the world a better place while putting my wealth to work?

Selling your business is a life-changing event. Are you prepared to make a well-informed decision?

UBS Chief Investment Office

We help you look at the big picture

Over 200,000 clients benefit from the expertise and insights from the Chief Investment Office. Our global team of over 900 analysts in 13 financial hubs around the world are tasked with figuring out how the world works, and use that knowledge to protect and preserve your wealth. A key part of the CIO process is the amount of time analysts from the Chief Investment Office spends with our clients, and they devote a lot of time to monitoring risk and thinking ahead to prepare for different scenarios. In an increasingly complex investment environment, only a robust, global, 24/7 worldview will do.