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There comes a time when the benefits of a truly global wealth manager outweigh those of a local, Singapore-centric bank. Our seasoned Client Advisors, many of whom are expatriates themselves are backed by an award-winning team of 200 analysts and market strategists around the globe. With this kind of support, we can help to make your financial affairs seamless – no matter how complex they are, or wherever you are originally from.

Why UBS?

UBS has been in Asia for over 50 years. We're proud that our Client Advisors understand where you come from, your heritage, background and your goals.

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Our services embrace all the major milestones you face. From planning for the next generation to ensuring you have more than…

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UBS Client Advisors

Sean Straton, Head, Resident Foreigner Team
20 years' of experience and 15 years in Asia

The Resident Foreigner Team - headed by Sean Straton - works closely with high net worth clients who demand access to a global platform with a comprehensive range of financial and investment solutions, including planning for children's education and saving for retirement and key concerns for foreign residents in Singapore.

Cornelius Ehrat

15 years' experience and 9 years in Asia
Speaks German, English, Italian and Portuguese

Thomas Mueller

22 years' of experience and 14 years in Asia
Speaks German

Pontus Cavefors

Over 7 years of experience in Private Banking and 9 years in Singapore
Speaks English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish

Dennis Pak

Australian Korean
14 years of experience in Banking and Wealth Management and 9 years in Singapore
Speaks English, Korean