Global market coverage is the key to our superior pricing and execution. We continue to be a significant driver in the trend toward electronic execution. More than 80% of all spot, forward and FX swap trades, and over 60% of our option trades, are done over our highly-respected FX internet trading platform, Neo FX. 

UBS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the very best liquidity and flexibility to our clients has been unwavering since the launch of our very first pioneering UBS FX Trade and Option Trader platforms in 2000.

Since then UBS has continued this commitment though the creation of some of the most sophisticated pricing and hedging algorithms in the market, combined with a low latency infrastructure, our clients can continue to benefit from deeper and more consistent liquidity whilst also having the greatest choice of how to interact with UBS FX than ever before.

Please note: When executing a trade with UBS, you will at all times face the bank as principal. 


Complete integration

Discover UBS Neo FX, a better way to work with one of the world’s premier providers of market-making and execution services in the foreign exchange and precious metals markets. Execute FX and precious metals spot, forward and swap orders with a single or double-click from our Quick Trade panel, which integrates a full order-management system with built-in regulatory compliance logic.

We serve clients around the globe in all major currencies and instruments. UBS Neo FX delivers:

  • Intuitive, low-latency trading technology and algorithms
  • Deep liquidity and high internalization rates
  • Global currency, precious metals and country research plus technical analysis from UBS experts
  • Facility for live, interactive chat with UBS sales representatives 


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FX algorithms Striking the right balance

We apply our people and technology to combine a selective liquidity network, optimized algorithmic execution and the unique UBS franchise to achieve better FX execution outcomes for clients. Our well-established offering focuses on reducing market impact, particularly on larger orders, enabling clients to execute algorithmically using both UBS and non-UBS liquidity. Our capability is underpinned by the liquidity and experience of a Top 3 FX dealer and FX prime broker1.
1Euromoney FX Survey 2017 and Greenwich FX Survey 2017.

"Our objective is to optimize execution outcomes by combining the latest algorithm technology & quant research with access to quality liquidity."

Mark Goodman - Head of UBS Electronic Execution (FX, Rates, Credit & Futures)