Execution consultancy

Our human edge

Your world is not standing still. Optimizing performance while the trading landscape keeps shifting is a major challenge.

We recognize the value of human insight supported by the right technology and analytics framework. It is this combined expertise that can unlock the full potential of your trading strategy. This approach is at the heart of our electronic trading offering.

Our experts closely monitor market structure and regulatory developments worldwide. We regularly share our insights through micro and macro market updates.

With this knowledge, we can anticipate future changes and adapt our trading models so you have access to the right liquidity and the right technology.

US Trading Landscape

Take a closer look at the crucial catalysts behind the seismic shift in the US trading landscape over the past ten years with our short video.

It asks the questions that we discuss with our clients every day. What is triggering a growth in ETFs? Who is winning the competition for assets? And What are the implications of cheap debt under quantitative easing?

Transaction Cost Analysis Delivering visualization and statistics to analyze trade performance

Our full suite of web based pre, real time and post trade analytic tools give our clients the intelligence they need to optimally analyse, manage and learn from their orders – throughout the trade lifecycle.

Through easy to use interfaces, clients can compare their executions to relevant benchmarks and see detailed snapshots of where they are trading. From pre trade cost analysis for portfolio and single stock trading, to post trade end of day reports and time period analysis, our suite of tools provides in depth analysis by symbol, strategy, venue and more. Clients can request automated, customizable trading alerts and have access to online assistance.

With TCA, clients can:

  • Break down order statistics by shares and notional value, and compare performance against benchmarks such as VWAP, and pre and post trade market prices.
  • View how much of the spread is captured and the percentage of orders that are passive, aggressive and neutral.
  • View and analyse trading in displayed or non-displayed venues, and UBS pools. Clients can see the mix of orders filled by venue, or details listed for each specific venue.
  • Break down execution statistics by industry, market cap and industry categories.
  • View detailed analytics and statistics for each execution strategy, including orders as a percentage of average daily volume, percent of volume, cross percent and duration.
  • Create custom reports to download as a PDF or save for later use.
  • View UBS PIN liquidity reports.