Algorithmic Trading Intelligent trading strategies tailored to you

Our suite of intelligent algorithms is designed to access liquidity, minimize market impact and optimize your performance. Our algorithms can also be customized in line with your execution goals.

Art and science of liquidity: Understanding liquidity is a fundamental part of our business, so all of our algorithms are engineered to leverage it, both within and outside UBS.

Crossing opportunities: UBS algorithms are designed to optimize crossing to balance market impact and opportunity cost.

Control: Intelligent algorithms that react to real-time market events, but act only as aggressively or passively as our clients tell them.

Global, in a local way: Our strategies are built for local market microstructure, so that our clients can pursue best execution and achieve a consistent trading experience, wherever they trade.

Customization: We closely collaborate with our clients to bring even greater efficiency to their workflow.

To request a copy of our global guide to UBS Algorithms, please contact us.

Find out more about our regional offerings


  • Strategies that turn market fragmentation to our clients' advantage by accessing a range of liquidity sources simultaneously.
  • A sophisticated and expanding US suite of algorithms for equities, options and futures.
  • Tailored Canadian and Latin American algorithmic offering, optimized to take advantage of local market structure and order flow.


  • A full suite of algorithms optimized for local markets across the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Our DMA+ functionality intelligently routes orders to comply with individual exchange rules and standards while preserving our client's trading goals.



  • Algorithmic trading strategies optimized for the developed and developing local markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Our algorithmic strategies can turn market fragmentation to our client's advantage by executing in multiple liquidity venues simultaneously.