10 useful e-banking tips for your vacation

With the UBS Mobile Banking app and UBS e-banking, you can keep complete control over your finances, even on vacation. We have compiled some helpful tips about cards, security and support for you here.

Control and security

Vacation tip #1

Benefit from notifications about card transactions

Do you want to keep full control over your card payments, even when you're abroad? The Mobile Banking app will automatically inform you about your card transactions via Push message on request.

Activate notifications in Mobile Banking under "Menu > Push notifications > Manage rules".

Haven't you installed the Mobile Banking app yet? Or do you want to avoid paying roaming costs abroad? If so, you can receive notifications by SMS or e-mail as well. You can set them up in e-banking under "Cards > Set up notifications".

Setting up notifications about credit card transactions

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Go to "Cards> Direct access > Set up notifications" in the menu. The first time you use the service, you will need to read and accept the Special Conditions.
  3. Click on "Add new rule".
  4. Choose the "Card debit" rule and click on "Next".
  5. Select an account, define your notification criteria, choose the communication channel (Push notification, SMS or e-mail) and save the rule.

Vacation tip #2

If your credit card gets lost or stolen, block it conveniently online straight away, even on your smartphone

It’s annoying losing or having your credit card stolen – especially on vacation. Block your credit and prepaid cards online without having to make expensive phone calls: In e-banking or in the Mobile Banking app under "Cards > Service". Once your card has been blocked, a replacement card will be ordered for you automatically.

Blocking your UBS Credit Card

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Select "Cards > Direct access > Block card" in the menu.
  3. Click on "Block card now".
  4. Select the card you want to block, check your request, click on "Next" and then on "Submit".

A replacement card will be sent to you automatically.

Vacation tip #3

Use our early warning system against card misuse

Do you want to protect your credit card against misuse around the clock? Save your mobile phone number under "Cards > Service" in e-banking and benefit from our early warning system. If we detect any suspicious transactions, we will send you an SMS or let you know by telephone.

Saving your mobile phone number

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Select "Cards > Service > Save telephone numbers" in the menu.
  3. Click on in the "Mobile" category.
  4. Enter your phone phone number and click on "Next".

  5. Check the number and click on "Next".
  6. Confirm the number with the Access Card and card reader, then click on "Save telephone number".

Vacation tip #4

Determine the geographical area in which your UBS Debit Card Maestro can be used and minimize the risk of misuse

Reduce the possibility of unwanted card use. Define whether your UBS Maestro Card can be used worldwide, in Europe or only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and set your own daily and monthly limits.

This setting can be found in e-banking under "Cards > Limits and Regions of Use" or in Mobile Banking under "Cards > Service > Debit cards > Maestro".

Change the region in which your UBS Debit Card Maestro can be used

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Select "Cards > Debit cards > Limits & Regions of Use" in the menu.
  3. To geographically restrict the use of your UBS Debit Card Maestro, click on on the relevant line.
  4. Select "Worldwide", "Europe" or "Switzerland & Liechtenstein" to define the region of use, then click on "Save".

If necessary, you can also adjust settings for a specific period of time – for the duration of your vacation for example.

Vacation tip #5

Opt for an economical alternative when it comes to travel insurance

Do you want to benefit from comprehensive insurance when traveling worldwide, e.g. for travel cancellation, hospitalization, damage to luggage or the consequences of flight delays? Take out UBS Travel Insurance Plus – and protect yourself and your family for the special price of just CHF 72 per year. You can subscribe to this offer directly in e-banking under "Cards > Additional Services > Travel Insurance".


Vacation tip #6

Increase the amount available on your UBS cards by making a payment

Are you on vacation, but your credit card limit is too low, or almost used up? You can easily transfer money to your credit or prepaid card in e-banking under "Payments > Enter payment". And in the Mobile Banking app under "Cards > Payment to UBS Card". The funds are transferred to your card account securely within minutes.

Extra tip:

Did you know that you can also easily increase or lower the monthly or daily limit of your UBS Debit Card V PAY or Maestro? You can find this setting in e-banking and in the Mobile Banking app under "Cards > Service > Debit cards".

Transferring money to your UBS Credit Card

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Call up the payment assistant under "Payments > Enter payment".
  3. Enter the 16-digit number of your UBS Credit Card into the input field and click on "New payment".
    Tip: if you have transferred money to the card before, you can simply enter your name and select the card shown.
  4. Add the cardholder and amount, and click on "Next".
  5. Check your payment and submit.

For security reasons, you will need to confirm the beneficiary's identity – even yourself as the cardholder – the first time you transfer money to a card.

Vacation tip #7

Log in to the Mobile Banking app or your e-banking account conveniently without a card reader

With the Access Card Display, you can leave your card reader at home, without missing out on the full functionality of the Mobile Banking app (e.g. access to all transaction details, approval of e-bills). And you'll still be able to log into e-banking. With the Access Card NFC, you won't even need to type in your access code if your smartphone supports wireless exchange of data via NFC (Near Field Communication).

You can order cards in e-banking under "Offerings > Means of access".

Vacation tip #8

Take advantage of our 24/7 support

The UBS support team will be happy to help you and answer questions about your banking transactions around the clock, anywhere in the world. Select the callback function under "Contact" in the Mobile Banking app or in e-banking, and the UBS support team will soon be in touch with you. This saves you wasting time call queuing.


Vacation tip #9

Activate the Personal Financial Assistant and keep an eye on your vacation budget

Do you want to analyze your expenses after getting back from your vacation? Or do you want to define a vacation budget for 2015? The Personal Financial Assistant (PFA) automatically assigns all your card transactions to different categories. This means you can keep a constant overview of your expenses and easily draw up individual budgets and savings goals. You can activate the PFA in e-banking under "Budget".

Vacation tip #10

Make it easier to reach your savings goals with the Personal Financial Assistant

If you'd like to go on a longer trip this year or next, do you need to set a specific sum aside to do so? The Personal Financial Assistant can help you to achieve your savings goal step by step under "Budget > Savings goals" in e-banking.

Do you still have questions or do you need help?

Give us a call on: 0848 848 064 24/7-support

Control and security