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Demo video of how to log in to UBS e-banking. Same process applies to login to UBS Connect.

Login to UBS Connect without your card reader or UBS Access Key

Simple scan process with QR code via app



The app meets UBS's usual high security standards

A personally chosen PIN protects the Access app – even if you lose your smartphone

The Access app checks the security of your smartphone before every login into UBS Connect

The security code for login is calculated automatically and sent directly to UBS via a highly secure data connection

We keep the Access app fully updated in order to offer you optimum protection at all times


Activate the UBS Access app directly on your smartphone:

Step 1

Download the app «UBS Access» onto your smartphone – it's available free of charge here:

Step 2

To activate the Access App please follow the instructions in the app.

Please note: For your protection, you need to activate the Access app with your Access Card and card reader before using it for the first time.
Activation is not possible with the Access Key. If you do not have a card reader, you can order one simply via Support.

Step 3

Now select «Access app» as login method in UBS Connect and log on with your smartphone from now on.

Step 4

(if required)

You can activate the Access app for multiple e-banking or Connect contacts (max. ten).

Start the app and select «Settings > Manage access authorizations > Add contract number»

Activate the additional contracts in the same way

Requirements: You are a financial intermediary with a banking relationship with UBS Switzerland AG and own an iPhone with iOS version 9 or later or a smartphone with Android version 5 or later. You also have an Access Card with a card reader or an Access Card Display.

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