Closing the digital gap

UBS's digital tools:
Helping you be there for your clients.

Are you making the most of digitization?

As a financial intermediary, your needs evolve along with those of your clients. It’s imperative that you remain up to date with developments that support your efforts to build ever-closer relationships.

Our range of e-tools is designed with this in mind. They help you deliver high quality solutions to the market. Efficiently. Conveniently. And with confidence.

Benefits to you

Your clients expect convenience, speed and efficiency

As part of our commitment to help you meet their needs, our digital solutions are:


  • Enjoy full confidence and control at every stage of a transaction.


  • Making it easier for you to work. Anywhere, anytime.


  • Less paper is a win-win for you and the environment.


  • Reducing manual processes to save you time and money.


  • Eliminating barriers to get you nearer to your clients.


  • Undertake trades or receive banking documents at the touch of a button. Literally.


Your choice of e-tools that are designed to suit you and your clients' needs

Research and Market data

Data on stocks (including real-time SIX exchange prices) bonds, structured products, currencies, funds and general wealth management and investment opportunities.

Trading & execution

If you want to trade it, we have a platform for it. Globally. Currencies, precious metals, securities, treasury, ETDs and more; spot/forward and swap contracting; customized FX and Equity structured products, together with tools that enable order submissions and provide access to over 70 global exchanges.

Reporting - performance and risk analytics

e-tools to help you analyze, no matter how large or small the need. See up-to-date client and custody account information; customizable market monitoring and analysis; daily updates through the entire investment cycle across all asset classes; a fully-fledged data set for feeding your own Portfolio Management System and more.

Admin & operations

Online forms to meet your needs, all in one convenient place and a digital bank documents tool that enables paper based reports to be received in electronic form.

Can we help you make more use of our digital solutions?

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