Tips for e-banking and Mobile Banking

E-banking and Mobile Banking offer you a range of practical functions. We have compiled a list of useful tips so that you can make optimal use of these functions.

Vacation tips

These six tips will make sure you’ll have a relaxing time off.

Forgotten your wallet?

Get through the day with the UBS app.

Tax tips

File your tax return even more efficiently. By sorting your tax-relevant expenses into categories thanks to the Personal Financial Assistant, for example.

Card tips

Manage your credit cards online. Has your credit card stopped working? You can easily order a replacement card, directly in the Mobile Banking app.

Security tips

Security is a top priority. If your credit cards are lost of stolen, block them conveniently online straight away (even on your smartphone).

Tips for the new year

We have six tips to help you manage your banking more efficiently in the new year.

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