Blocking online payments for certain countries

  1. Log in to UBS e-banking.
  2. Under "Payments" in the navigation on the left-hand side, select "Settings > Security settings > Country restrictions".
  3. Click "Setup wizard".
  4. The list provides an overview of all countries to which you have already transferred money.
  5. Check whether these countries are to continue to be available for online payments. Adjust the selection if necessary.
  6. Click "Apply setting". With immediate effect, all other countries will be blocked for online payments.

Tip: You can also block countries at any time in the Mobile Banking App under Réglagles & service> Self-Service > Set up country restrictions.

You can adjust the country restrictions in the security settings whenever you wish. For your security, you need to confirm the unlocking of countries using your Access Card and card reader or the Access Card Display.