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Secure and convenient banking online

  • Always see what's happening with your accounts and cards
  • Get automatic notification – of card transactions, for example
  • Make payments conveniently at any time
  • Control over your budget and your spending

The most important functions at a glance


Secure and simple login on your smartphone

  • To log in with the Access app, simply scan the QR code displayed on the e-banking home page and enter your PIN – and you’re registered.
  • The Access app is the convenient alternative to logging in with an Access Card and card reader – it’s also ideal for logging in to the Mobile Banking app.

Accounts and payments

  • Keep an eye on your account balance and latest account movements at all times.
  • Use the payment wizard to transfer money in just a few steps.
  • Scan payment slips conveniently with the Mobile Banking app and confirm payment directly via the app - without having to type in reference numbers.
  • Approve e-bills and manage your standing orders.


  • Check your credit card spending and the amount still available. If it’s not enough, simply increase it with a transfer.
  • Adjust the limits of your debit cards by yourself. 
  • Block lost credit or debit cards directly in e-banking – or with the Mobile Banking app.


  • Stay informed at all times on account movements, balances, and card transactions. 
  • Choose which events you want to be automatically notified of via push message, e-mail or SMS.

Safe: the digital safe deposit box

  • Save important personal documents such as tax records or insurance policies securely on UBS servers in Switzerland. In an emergency, you also have immediate access to copies of your IDs. 
  • Have your UBS banking documents sent directly to your Safe in electronic form. 
  • Manage your passwords centrally and call them up at any time via the Safe app.  

Personal financial assistant

  • Analyze where you’re spending your money. Your Personal financial assistant automatically organizes your spending by category. 
  • Draw up a budget, and check to see if you’re keeping to it.
  • Set savings goals and achieve them by making regular deposits.

Assets, markets and trading

  • Track the market value of your custody accounts and portfolios – this way you can always see how your total assets are developing.
  • Get information at any time on current trends in the financial markets and our analysts’ assessments.
  • Buy and sell securities. With a virtual portfolio, you can test different investment strategies – completely risk-free.

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For your security

UBS e-banking and the UBS Mobile Banking app deliver the highest security standards for your banking transactions.

For secure and convenient log in, use the UBS Access app. This automatically establishes a secure connection with UBS.

You can further increase your security by changing your personal settings.

Your next steps

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Set up e-banking

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Log in securely and conveniently

E-Banking quick start

Set up E-Banking within minutes.

E-banking tips

Practical tips on topics such as taxes, vacations or savings – find out about the additional benefits of e-banking.

Mobile Banking

Carry out your banking transactions on your smartphone or tablet.