We are open to working with a variety of partner types. Our ongoing partnerships include real estate search platforms, real estate agents, home owner platforms and independent mortgage brokers. If you have a relevant client touchpoint with mortgages or with an adjacent topic, we would be interested in getting into contact with you. 

We have different compensation models available for our partners. Please get in touch to find out the details.

The API calculates the best indicative conditions available for the requested profiles and financing structure on the key4 platform. Conditions through the API are the same as offered on the key4 website.

key4 cooperates with a variety of Swiss institutional investors as financing providers. We do not disclose their names at the stage of the first indicative offer provided online by the API. After an offline advisory session has taken place at UBS, we prepare a second indicative offer for the client in which the names of loan providers are disclosed to the client directly.

The key4 Mortgage Offer API offers an “expert mode”, which allows interested parties to request mortgages with a specific financing structure with specific terms and volumes. If no financing structure is specified, the API can provide a set of different financing structure suggestions according to the selected risk profile.

We have different partnership models available, depending on your needs and financing expertise. If you are an independent mortgage broker, you can, for example, use the API to determine whether key4 has a relevant offer for your specific client request. If you run a real estate platform, you can use the API to provide individual real-time indicative mortgage quotes to your users. Please get in touch to learn more about all options.

No, an API key is needed and provided to partners only after a partnership contract is signed. Find out how to become a partner




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