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Get started using APIs from one of our ecosystems. Each ecosystem is built around specific UBS clients and relevant use cases and APIs. Pick the suitable ecosystem for your app, get in touch to evaluate a collaboration and make your first API call.


Do you want to build apps dealing with “housing”? In the key4 ecosystem, you can access APIs related to mortgages and housing services.

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Do you want to build apps for our corporate clients in Switzerland? In the bLink ecosystem, you will find APIs to access cash account transactions, account balances and to submit payments.

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Do you want to build apps for our clients in the EU? In the PSD2 ecosystem, you will find APIs used under European regulation to access cash account transactions and balances, to execute payments and to request confirmations of available funds.

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Do you want to build apps that leverage TWINT payments?

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UBS Partner

Do you as a bank want to leverage the scalable advisory model of UBS in your solution?

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UBS KeyPort

Do you as a medium or large corporate want to connect your UBS bank accounts to your accounting system?

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