Beep, beep, hurray!

Beep, beep, hurray! Make a contactless payment and win shopping
vouchers: 3 × 5,000 francs and 100 × 50 francs

Every time you make a contactless payment with your UBS Credit or Prepaid Card, you automatically participate in our grand contest.

With a little luck, you could win shopping money in the form of UBS KeyClub points worth a total of 20,000 francs*. The more often you make a contactless payment, the greater your chances of winning. With every payment - no matter how small - you automatically take part in the contest.

For example, you can pay with a beep here

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Here's how easy it is to make a contactless payment


Take your UBS credit or prepaid card with a wave symbol in your hand.


Hold the card near to the wave symbol on the payment terminal, wait for the beep …


… and you’re done! A green light will flash as confirmation.

You enjoy a wide range of benefits when you make contactless payments.

  • Simpler and faster than cash
  • Practical, as you don’t need to enter your PIN for smaller sums
  • Safe, thanks to PIN entry for larger amounts
  • Transparent, as you can see each contactless payment via UBS e-banking and Mobile Banking.

Don't want to use your UBS Credit or Prepaid Card for contactless payments? No problem.

You can also enter the contest without using your UBS Credit or Prepaid Card by completing the registration form.