About us

Our goal is to drive and enable innovation across the UBS Group and align our stakeholders to create and drive our digital vision to support the Firm's business strategy.

Our innovation strategy is focused on cross-divisional technology themes and business disruption opportunities that could ultimately deliver better financial services for our clients and premium returns for our shareholders. To reach these objectives, in 2019 we established the Chief Digital Office (CDO). CDO is part of Group Technology and collaborates with the other divisions of the bank in the exploration, validation and implementation of innovative ideas and projects that are aligned to specific business objectives and client needs. The Chief Digital Office also has its own specialist teams in Research & Development, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology, Strategic Intelligence and Ecosystem Engagement.

The aims of CDO are:

  • Drive global partnerships across business lines and functions to advise, knowledge share and coordinate digital and innovation activities and maximize leverage for the firm
  • Offer authoritative insight into the global innovation ecosystem, supporting the selection and application of the best practices and partners for UBS
  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities arising from emerging technologies, reducing the costs of discovery and failure
  • Provide specialist skills, capabilities and infrastructure by which new processes and technologies can be tested, prototyped and prioritized