Your Career

UBS Group Finance is committed to your development. We focus on giving all employees access to opportunities and resources to enhance their skills.

At UBS, you take the lead when it comes to considering your individual career interests and development goals. Your line manager will also play a critical role in supporting and encouraging your development plans and activities, making use of a targeted toolset including:

  • Individual development planning
  • Education learning pathways

“Knowing your interests, skills and abilities is the first step in career planning and development.”

Whether you want to learn more about the business, develop deeper skills in your area of expertise, seek another assignment, or further your education, UBS supports you as you take on new challenges.  Senior Finance mentors are available to help you make positive changes to your skills and knowledge, and move successfully through your preferred career path.

We strive for an active and open internal marketplace that will benefit both business growth and individual development. Group Finance leadership is committed to providing exciting and rewarding career opportunities and work environments. Line managers encourage development and career mobility for their employees - and are willing to share their talent for the benefit of employee growth and UBS’s overall, sustainable success.

"Our size, structure and way of working together present unique opportunities for you to learn and grow."