Young Enterprise Switzerland

Attracting students to technology, the natural sciences, entrepreneurship and dialogue between the generations - this is what we are committed to.

Young Enterprise Switzerland: Experiencing business and entrepreneurship for yourself.

Only those who are themselves in business, who themselves become entrepreneurs, understand what's truly crucial. The core aim of Young Enterprise Switzerland is to help participants learn through practical experience what steps are important for a product or a company to achieve success.

The program is geared to high school students. It brings together schools and business, and promotes and supports individual projects. The students establish a company on their own, develop a business concept, prepare business and production plans, engage in marketing, practice negotiation and persuasion and – if all goes well – reap the rewards of success. They are assisted by former project participants and various business representatives. UBS has been promoting and supporting this program for many years.

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Technology and the natural sciences are fascinating topics. How they function and shape our daily lives, what their rules are, and how they can stimulate our enthusiasm – explore-it gives practical answers to all these questions.

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