Attracting students to technology, the natural sciences, entrepreneurship and dialogue between the generations - this is what we are committed to.

explore-it: Using play to discover how technology works.

The explore-it organization helps make elementary school pupils more aware of technology and natural sciences. At the request of their teachers, classes have a variety of explore-it boxes sent to their school. The children open the boxes and discover construction kits and assembly instructions. They study and experiment together, reflect and then build better. This way they get a feeling for strength and impact, statics and dynamics – playfully, experimentally, and above all, by themselves.

Getting to grips with technology and natural sciences, experiencing success, and understanding on a small scale what applies equally on a large one – these are the core aims of this project.

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Doris Kamber

Doris Kamber would be happy to help with further information.

Email: bildungsinitiative@ubs.com
Phone: +41 44 234 34 65

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