UBS Employee Volunteering

So that learning and teaching are part of life - this is what we are committed to.

UBS Employee Volunteering: Offering help and passing it forward.

Working for the common good is a Swiss virtue. We learn from childhood that we only stay who we are if we stick together, support one another and work cooperatively. UBS employees commit themselves to voluntary work and very often find this a personally enriching experience. For example, they might join in sports activities for people with disabilities, work in nature conservation areas and mountain forests, or take care of children and young people. In order to allow UBS employees to perform community service, the bank offers every employee two working days a year for this.

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Fabienne Goncalves-Fistarol

Fabienne Goncalves-Fistarol would be happy to help with further information.

Phone: +41 44 234 43 95

Life-long learning

Education is the key to success. Continuing education ensures that success is sustained. This is why UBS also supports its employees, who gained their education some time ago, by offering them an appealing range of continuing education options.