Life-long learning

So that learning and teaching are part of life - this is what we are committed to.

Life-long learning: Continuing education with pleasure.

The French say it so well when they speak of "formation continue." We call it "life-long learning." It's all about continuing education and the benefits it brings. It feels good to be back in the classroom in later years. And to find out that you can always learn more. Discovering new things, developing capabilities, even finding hidden talents – this keeps minds supple and thinking fresh. At work too. This is why UBS offers its employees numerous opportunities to continue their education – for their own advantage and for the benefit of us all.

Doris Kamber

Doris Kamber would be happy to help with further information.

Phone: +41 44 234 34 65

UBS Employee Volunteering

UBS and its employees are committed to the local community both financially and personally: sharing knowledge, providing care and being involved in important occasions for the local population.