World Class Contemporary Art
World Class Contemporary Art

UBS Art Collection

The UBS Art Collection consists of over 30,000 objects and includes thousands of contemporary works by artists ranging from the newest emerging talents to some of the most important artists of the last 50 years. This web museum focuses on that second group and showcases some of the most significant works from the collection, representing both the high quality and geographical diversity of our best works.

The links below help you look at and find your way around the collection in different ways:


Provides a list of selected artists as highlights of the collection as well as images of selected key works (this section will be regularly updated).


Represents a selection of works in the collection, which we feel best represent the social, political and economic developments during each decade from 1960 to the present day.

On-site artworks UBS Art Collection

Features a series of site specific artworks commissioned by UBS since the 1980s.
(this online publication will be regularly updated with additional works. The English version will follow shortly)